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Gay couple adoption splits Australian opinion

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Reader comments

  1. I thought that this counrty was supposed to be the promised land. Give me grey skys, recognition, and freedom any time.

  2. As an Aussie, I can only wince at the way the Prime Minister of Australia ia able to implement his homophobic vitriol into hard legislation, causing maximum discrimination and suffering for gay people in this country.I am sure if he could he would have homosexuality re-criminalized, as the Sydney Archbishop, Cardinal Pell would want him to. We need to be very careful that he doesn’t try to do it.

  3. Laura, Surrey 5 Feb 2007, 12:19am

    Sad. John Howard will go down in history as one of the worst and most dangerous international leaders in history. Completely homophobic – and now driving Australia to disaster with his refusal to sign up to Kyoto. His head in the sand and the people will pay.Hopefully Australians will vote him out as soon as possible.

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