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Comment: Look how far we have come

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  1. Pete Michael 14 Jun 2007, 8:20pm

    So, What about a ‘harassment law’, LGBT are verbally abused everyday, look at the problems in Brighton, my partner and I have been spat at in the street, yet what’s the point of reporting an incident. The politicians know this but do nothing as LGBT people are still second class citizens. The Civil Partnership Act has become inferior as the Act states that we are ‘partners’ not a married couple.

  2. “Who could forget the introduction of Section 28 and the vicious manner in which gay rights was debated throughout the 1980s.”Yes, and who could forget that the Lib Dems and CHE stood alone against the Clause in those early days while Labour went along with the Tory plan for fear of being labelled gay-friendly.

  3. Pete Michael, you are absolutely right about Civil Partnerships being inferior to marriage which is why here in America we are pushing for marriage equality in New York state, not Civil Unions as they are called here. Civil Partnerships are NOT equal to marriage and people should stop deluding themselves into thinking that they are equal. British Gays should be demanding full marriage recognition and settle for nothing less. As for a hate crimes law to combat homophobia, I don’t think that will be forthcoming any time soon. Neither Tory or Labour has expressed any intention to add sexual orientation to bias crimes laws which only proves that neither side is committed to full equality. They’re more interested in their careers and political expediency than decency and respect for diversity.Robert, ex-pat Brit, NYC.

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