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New equality proposals “oblivious” to needs of trans people

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Reader comments

  1. Now that will be a test for both Labour and Tory parties. Neither of them will expand the laws to protect transgender, transsexual, whatever which proves neither side is truly supportive of full equality under the law. The government missed the boat on full marriage equality, why would anyone think that either party is going to protect transgender/transsexuals, whatever, and what about hate crimes legislation to protect Gay citizens from violent crimes? How is it that neither side addresses that, yet they’ll protect people from religious and racial bias attacks? By refusing to enact legislation, both parties are condoning violence towards us.Another thing. Under Civil Partnership laws, can a couple legally adopt children? If that is the case, then why is it different in the DUP in N. Ireland? Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  2. Whilst transexual people should have full equality and support, I don’t see why money should be wasted on peoples cranky lifestyle choices such as cross dressing or religion. It’s a waste of public funds. I don’t see why any public money should be wasted on Jehova’s Witnesses, Muslims or any other cranky religion which fails to recognise something as basic as human sexuality. As for cross dressing, it’s perfectly harmless but is nothing more than a kink and shouldn’t be protected by law.

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