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US military proposed weapon to turn enemy troops gay

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Reader comments

  1. What a disgusting idea. On a lighter note, maybe this bomb should be dropped on the DUP and homophobes in all parties as well as organized religion.Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

  2. jimmy partee 12 Jun 2007, 2:42pm

    is there such a chemical that could actually DO THAT????if so, i want my own personal supply!

  3. Give me some! I’m off to a local building site, where there are some really hunky blokes, to drop some off and wait for the action to start!!

  4. Obviously, this weapon could be easily adapted for peacetime uses.

  5. This sounds typically american. Their basicly saying being gay is down to dropping a gas bomb. Next thing their be inventing ‘straight bombs’ to drop on a gay pride and cause all the gay men to beat the crap out of each other.Typical america.

  6. Instead of a stink or itching powder bomb, we could let off a gay bomb and turn everyone gay in a shopping centre or somewhere?

  7. Someone got paid for coming up with this ‘weapon’??? Americans… what can you say? A nation pack to the brim with f*cking morons. Its amazes me they can dress themselves in the morning without help. And this is the nation who claim to be the “greatest on earth”. It surely is… if you have the IQ of a tennis ball and the cultivation of someone living under a rock on Mars.

  8. Albert, London 13 Jun 2007, 1:34pm

    Americans are a nation of retarded fools. Lets be honest here. We all know its true. Why, even THEY know it. The stupidest nation on the planet, bless their tiny little minds.

  9. Ok – I can’t find the original article you are all talking about – where is it?

  10. Albert, London 13 Jun 2007, 4:42pm

    Its the one titled “US military proposed weapon to turn enemy troops gay”. Have a read, it would be bordering on the comical if it wasn’t so preposterous and offensive.

  11. ???”Americans… what can you say? A nation pack to the brim with f*cking morons.”???Brits? Everyone has bad teeth. (Is there no dental care in the UK?) Politicians wear ridiculous wigs!! They cling to a useless, expensive monarchy. I could go on…. Thank god my ancestors bailed to the US. No gay bomb here. Just me, my partner of 28 years, our 50 acre farm and our gay bar we help run in Charlotte NC. Yes, named for your “”Queen Charlotte”. There is a statue of her in front of our airport by a British sculptor. Locals say it looks like Barney Fife in drag. There right! Every nation has it’s fools. Ours just happens to be elected unfortunately. But – his BFF is T. Blair. Nuff said!Jim Grigg – Shelby, NC

  12. As someone who happens to live in the U.S., please let me eliminate some of the ignorance here abouts:1. The U.S. military had simply ‘thought’ about the ‘gay bomb’. That does not mean they had the smarts or ability to come up with it. And it does not , of course, mean it is possible either. The idea seems (?) to have been abandoned. But then again who knows.2. It is not true that all citizens of the U.S. are as dumb as you people are making out. Just 7 out of 10. 3. Before you cast too many stones at us though, you should look at those that are the nuttiest amongst us here. Where did they originate? Africa, Europe,the British Isles, and Ireland. Most of the other immigrants (and probably even the American Indians) are perplexed at how they got stuck here with the aforementioned problem people.

  13. “It is not true that all citizens of the U.S. are as dumb as you people are making out. Just 7 out of 10″Yeah right. That’s a very conservative estimate… I’d think its hitting closer to the 100% mark. I agree with Albert:- A gaggle of muppets “under one nation”.

  14. Jim, I echo most of your sentiments and am actually a Brit (now a U.S. Citizen) living in NYC. Ignorance is everywhere that include blanket statements about entire cultures. Though I would differ with you on the “teeth” issue. I’ve seen many of my fellow Americans with bad teeth and recently heard a commercial on Air America radio stating that over 70% of our citizens have some form of gum disease (bad teeth related)and don’t necessarily know it, aside from bleeding gums, an indicator of such disease. Aside from that, we all have to stop name-calling amongst oursevles and unite against homophobia, inequality, no matter where it is, including the Democratic party where there is plenty of homophobia to go around with only one candidate (Dennis Kucinich) who could never get elected unfortunately but who wholeheartedly supports full equality including marriage for Gay and Lesbian couples and one state Governor, Eliot Spitzer, the first ever to draft marriage equality legislation. Anti-Brit/American rhetoric is a result of frustration with the inequities that all of us have to endure. Its time to put that aside and concentrate on the real issues at hand, inequality and homophobia not racist remarks against one another’s cultures, though I understand to some extent where it comes from though I don’t condone any of it since its a dangerous precedent to set.Robert, ex-pat Brit, NYC.

  15. Angel - NYC 14 Jun 2007, 3:46pm

    I can’t believe all the hate that’s being thrown at Americans. Yes we have an idiot president(most of us agree on that) but it’s unfair to put us all in the same category… and um considering our founding fathers were from the UK I think the original idiots in their glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

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