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Interview: Harriet Harman warns gay youth off dangerous Dave

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  1. Dear me – someone must have the wind up at Brown HQ…Gordon will loose the Gay Vote for New Labour?Damned right he will – Harriet Harman knows very well that the Brown Treasury refused to consent to Inheritance Tax Exemption and pension rights in Public Sector pension schemes for surviving Civil Partners. As Johann Hari commented in the Independant last week,Brown did not vote for any of the eighteen gay rights measures passed by the House of Commons since 1997.I will believe that Brown deserves the Gay Vote when he comes right out and says that he supports the Civil Partnership Act and its financial provisions for bereaved gay men and women who have lost their registered partners.I guarantee he won’t.You’re kidding no-one Harriet.

  2. I am still waiting for a logical answer to this question. If Gordon Brown is against gay equality, why did he vote in favour of the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation Regulations)? This was the vote that really got the religious peoples knickers in a twist, way more than the Civil Partnerships Act did. I am no big fan of Gordon Brown. However, to say he is against gay equality – when he voted in favour of the law that ensures our equality in all areas of everyday life – really makes no sense to me. If he wanted to vote against gay equality he had the chance. He did the opposite. By the way, there were many MPs (from across the political spectrum) who did not vote in favour of the Act.

  3. So he voted for one measure – big deal!Everyone in the Labour Party knows Brown’s views – they know that it was only at the eleventh hour that the Treasury Team finally agreed to the financial provisions of the CPA having held out against them resolutely virtually up to the debate in November 2004 and only then agreed petulantly with an inbuilt delay of six months before implementation.All of the Gay Rights measures passed by New Labour were effectively mandatory under the EU agreements but the UK has been amongst the last to implement them.Anyone watching that debate on the CPA in November 2004 could see and hear the almost disinterested participation of the Labour women who were supposed to be supporting the measure.The real and passionate advocates in the debate were Alan Duncan and Charles Hendry for the Conservatives. I repeat that I will believe that Brown is pro-gay when he stands up and states unequivocally that he supports gay rights including the financial provisions of the Civil Partnership Act.And two days for a party rebuttal is quite delayed.

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