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Livingstone: Latvia must allow pride to go on peacefully

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Reader comments

  1. Go Ken, you’re great

  2. Ken you hypocrite. When are you going to condemn the islamic cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi who openly advocates KILLING gays. You gave him the red carpet treatment last time he was in London.

  3. elizabeth veldon 1 Jun 2007, 6:02pm

    so not only do we get homophobes posting on this site but Islamaphobes too.No I’m not saying you shouldn’t critisise Islamic Extremists but why is there a retort like the one Luke posted on an almost daily basis?Is it just to cloud the waters?

  4. 2 Jun 2007, 12:27pm

    Anyone is allowed to post comments on here as long as they are not libellous, illegal or use foul language

  5. Donnacha DeLong 2 Jun 2007, 4:27pm

    Amnesty International activists are blogging from Riga Pride –

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