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Interview: The Queen of the D List talks politics

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  1. I’m baaaaccccck!Hank checking in today — been too long since I’ve created some noisewith all of you.Too bad about kathy — I’ve listened to her and if she couldn’t usefilty, obscene, dirty, smutty, cruddylines in her “comedy?” she’d be outof business. But I gues there areenough audiences who “appreciate” hertype of comedy. I guess it takesall kinds to make up our world — toobad!!!

  2. William - Dublin 23 Oct 2007, 9:46pm

    Oh, hurray. Hank. Back again. Smashing.

  3. I check sites throughout the internetand like to get involved with anythat are open to controversy — sodon’t think I particularly “pick on”your site — you just have some articles that I enjoy commentingon — take it as giving yoursite being interesting.

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