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Interview: Mrs Pritchard aims for the Deputy Leadership

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Reader comments

  1. Sister Mary Clarence 1 Jun 2007, 7:30pm

    Undoubtedly ‘hate’ I’m afraid. Its zealots like this that sold every socialist Labour voter down the river when New Labour was born.Labour might have introduced the NHS, which undeniably was a fantastic achievement, but Ms Blears and her cronies seem to think that they have the right to destroy itIts smokers and the overweight that are being denied access to life-saving healthcare at the moment and unless Ms Blears and Co are booted into touch I’m sure it won’t be very long before those with HIV are denied treatment in the same way, so that the National Health “Safe In Our Hands” Service can save a few million, whilst simultaneously commissioning public/private finance deals to build new hospitals that will cripple the NHS not just for the term of this government, but for the next three decades.God help every last one of us if blinkered idiots like this are not removed from office at the earliest opportunity.

  2. Sister Mary Clarence 1 Jun 2007, 7:31pm

    oh, and another thing, “I have spent six years in government doing some of the toughest jobs, three years at the Home Office doing crime and counter terrorism.”Well fantastic job luv, I’ve never felt safer!!!

  3. Russian Gay 2 Jun 2007, 2:15pm

    SORRY for a little off-topic.Please, watch these photos from Moscow Gay Pride – 2007. Take a look at young man in bandana with Jolly Roger and the slogan “We believe in God”! This is the face of Russian “christians”.Take a look at the photo of too young women with headscarf and black shirts. They’re saying: “No gays and migrants in Russia! Russia is only for Russians!”.Take a look at the priest in BMW.

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