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Study of employment tribunals reveals emotional cost

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  1. having tried to get legal dvice on a housing issue, I fully understand now that the laws are in place, but trying to get them enforced is not worth the paper they are written on.

  2. I read your article by Tony Grew May 2007 regarding LGBT People in the workplace. I put in an informal grievance last year regarding the disclosure of my sexuality to a patient without my knowledge or consent, I work for the NHS. I am now on suspension pending a formal investigation into MY “alleged professional conduct”. The people who were involved in and conducted the investigation just happen to be the Manager I complained about and the Manager I complaint to. Apparently the NHS has “robust” policies and procedures and do not “tolerate” workplace bullying or harrassment of staff. I feel very angry, let down and humiliated given some of the allegations being made towards me. I have been discriminated against and bullied for several years for reporting poor standards of care and have on one occasion contemplated suicide to take myself out of the misery. Thankfully I survived….. only for it to start again after a couple of years of being left alone. However, thanks to the CAUSE website I know I am no longer alone and I now have a solicitor and a Union Official to help me. My Union were not helpful at all and were not happy that I had taken advice from a solicitor. This Union does much to advertise how they will protect their members and have done a number of studies on LGBT issues and workplace bullying. I however am aware that they actually back Management to the hilt. I do not know what I would have done without the never ending support from my family and friends. Of all the employers out there, I did not expect the NHS to treat me as shoddily as they have. I will be fighting for justice no matter how long it takes or how much it takes.

  3. Terry Jones 2 Jun 2007, 2:24pm

    It can be dangerous making an informal complaint, as that puts the opposition on guard, and it won’t be the first time that WorkRep has found workers being disciplined on trumped up charges in order to encourage them to leave.If you ever think of making a complaint or an employment tribunal claim, you have to prepare carefully and collect your evidence. The first hint that anything is up should be when you put in your fully prepared formal grievance. Lack of preparation and precipitate action can be dangerous in that it marks you out for attention and special treatment with the aim of wrong footing you, and heading off any eventual tribunal claim.

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