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Concern over NHS database of gay men

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Reader comments

  1. Hiv Records..How and where can people join in the campaing against this.I for one would almost certainley refuse testing untill the point of almost no return.

  2. I have done this already – this SUS will be hopelessly abused in the way that the National Police Computer records have.Beware NuLabour BigBrother ….and I mean Orwell not Endemol. Having worked in local politics – I know that this kind of information leaks everywhere…it becomes a status symbol that as local politico, you can get access to confidential information like this.Oppose local politicians and suddenly you may find that stuff like this has been leaked to a journalist …it happens. Read this: and act on it :Print off the letter and take it to your GP’s practice manager….they have to do what you ask and keep your medical records confidential and for your Doctor’s eyes only.Knowledge is power and that might mean power over you!

  3. I think this is quite possibly the most ridiculous and unworkable idea I’ve ever seen from the NHS.

  4. Pete and Michael 24 May 2007, 1:02pm

    We understand that ALL Health Authorities in the UK will have to comply, and sexual health clinics will by law ask for names and adresses of Gay men and input details of their treatments onto the NHS database. We notice that this exercise will NOT apply to hetrosexual men. I believe that this action by the government contravenes the SOR 2006 Equality Bill which recently came into operation.

  5. As well as contravening the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation Regs) as Pete and Michael point out, if sexual health clinics were required to upload the names, addresses and treatments of gay men (or anyone else for that matter) to the planned NHS central database it would ALSO contravine the National Health Service (VD) Act of 1974, which assures patient confidentiality over and above that which is provided in other health care establishments.This plan from the NHS appears to be not only illogical and unworkable, but also illegal in a least two seperate ways.

  6. Guy Herbert, General Secretary 29 May 2007, 1:04pm

    The NHS confidentiality campaign is affilited with NO2ID, which aims to be the unbrella group for everyone with concerns about database surveillance of the population. You can certainly join our campaign.The SUS system (which will get *everyone’s* detailed records, gay, straight, whatever) is just one bit of current thinking about “transformational government” tracking your whole life and “helping” you manage your identity.

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