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Ofcom slams Clarkson’s gay car comment

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  1. The BBC justified Clarkson’s comments by saying they were meant to be taken in fun. Oh, really? So I suppose Clarkson will next tell us that he doesn’t like a particular car because it looks a bit Jewish or African. The simple fact is that gay-bashing done by subtle sneering is still popular with the BBC. So long as it refuses to do anything about it, it will remain vulnerable to the accusation that it’s homophobic.And I also agree that the BBC presents gay issues overall in a very phobic way.

  2. “Four viewers complained.” Nothing else to complain about? And why am I wasting my time reading this article and commenting on it?

  3. For God’s sake, don’t be so touchy.

  4. I am gay and i cannot believe this is considered by the BBC to be treated as a real complaint. I see the PC brigade have been out again. They will complain for the sake of it, rather than when it really is needed. I often refer to some cars being a bit gay. Also known as ‘hairdresser’ cars.The PC brigade should have been sent a letter to lighten up and get a life. Complain when it is really valid or people won’t take your point seriously.

  5. a man in Oxford was kicked to death outside a police station. The reason, they thought, I add, though he was gay. Its because of so many years that gay people have be aloud to be the whipping boy for every one that people die. If we dont , as a counrty stop people getting away with using terms that incite hate, and they do incite hate, no matter how flippent. We might as well give up on all equality. Having been beaten up twice for being gay. I know how much a side ways comment can hurt.

  6. This is not a hurtful comment as Dave would suggest. As i said before, i am gay and this doesn’t just apply to being gay. It’s race, creed etc. We all make witty comments in a light heated way and everybody knows comments on Top Gear are light hearted. If that really offends you, then it’s you who has the problem. Saying these light hearted comments incite people to attack gay people or various religions is utter rubbish and as a point is scraping the bottom of the barrel for a defence.If there is a comedy act on stage and there is a light hearted comment about somebody fat and you can tell when it’s light hearted, the fat people in the audience are laughing just as loudly. This is because they know the comedian is just having a bit of fun, not demonising fat people and it is this rule that works in all ‘light hearted’ comedy. If we all take Dave’s rule and say nothing about anybody, then freedom of speech is stopped and all out comedy shows would be banned. As you can clearly tell from the programme, it is not mean’t to offend and if it does, it’s you with the problem, just switch off. If 3 million watch it and as a rule 10 percent are gay, then 4 complaints out of 300,000 is not worth taking seriously. After all, in a democracy, the majority rules.Anyway, even though i’m gay, if i saw a Nissan Micra convertible being driven by a man, it would raise a few eyebrows. They are traditionally called ‘hairdresser’ cars. You could say it’s a bit camp. For people who take offence easily, it’s you who needs to seek help. It’s you who has the problem.

  7. Do you not think that Mr Clackson explanation is taking the piss some what?

  8. Clarkson is known for his laddish persona and plays it up – and apparently laddishness means implying that if you drive certain cars, you’re gay/straight/black/ a pimp/ Jewish, etc. (I’m sure the car manufacturers will tap him on the shoulder soon enough if his comments are detrimental to their car sales.) But, as every red-blooded, real male knows, gays will only drive cars if they’re pink, have got fluffy pink dice/ seat covers… So we should stick with the Golf Convertible equivalent of modern car manufacturing, and woe betide us if we even glance at a ‘sensible’ car.Grow up, Mr Clarkson. I’ve seen more red-blooded, butch males in XXL than on Top Gear

  9. Steve Bewers 21 May 2007, 3:21pm

    Hahahaha Oh for heaven’s sake grow up!! Everyone knows what the audience member meant, and what Jeremy meant. Light hearted and silly, but not homophobic. He could just as easily said the car was a bit pink. If he’d said it was a bit queer, in my mind that would have sounded odd, because it was applied to a car! Just makes it sound a bit queer, err odd. How can a car be homosexual? Why is that offensive anyway? It’s just daft! Am I allowed to use that word? Is it bullying the daft members of society?I’m not gay err homosexual, but I grew out of homophobia years ago. Exit correspondant in pink Mazda MX5, a real hairdresser’s car! Is that offensive? Sorry.

  10. The issue with his comment is balance. There is simply very little that is positive in terms of coverage of gay and lesbian from the BBC. For the teenager or person struggling with their sexuality, Clarkson’s comments equating crap with gay is one part of a landslide of negativity that the bbc puts forward. His contempt for any kind of apology shows how deeply entrenched this thinking is. If he had described a car as black or muslim he would have had his career canned. The bbc fails to step up to the plate in terms of gay and lesbian coverage despite the many thousands of us paying license fees. Tell me where I can see a positive reflection of the life I lead as opposed to the sea of camp TV presenters, verbal abuse and overwhelmingly negative news articles on gays and lesbians?

  11. I wouldn’t have a problem with being homosexual … it’s just the part where ones sense of humour is surgically removed that prevents me from turning to the Pink Side.

  12. Ivan Bailey 21 May 2007, 10:09pm

    Not so very long a go it was common usage to use the word “Irish” to mean stupid and the word “Jewish” to mean stingy.This offensive and discriminatory usage was expunged in the 1980s by media organisations, with the BBC at the forefront, refusing to use the terms “Irish” and “Jewish” in these negative and offensive ways.Why the double standard with the term “gay”?And what if the word “Muslim” started to be used for any bad tempered person who tended to blow up? Would that be OK?Or would Mr Clarkson still be in a job if he had described an unreliable car as being a bit “black”?I doubt if anyone would be asking us see the funny side of that.

  13. The BBC is institutionally homophobic. Yes, hundreds of its staff are gay or lesbian, but that’s exactly how the BBC manages to fool everyone. Too many gay BBC staff are selfish and self-centered, not giving a damn about the whole community so long as they collect their pay cheques at the end of the month. Remember Graham Norton complaining about straight producers telling him to camp it up? Pay him enough and you can call him a nonce, which was exactly what happened at the start last nights Bafta ceremony.

  14. Tom-in-London 22 May 2007, 2:39am

    anon… I watched the Baftas and have it available for viewing at anytime…. please tell me the name of the person that called Graham Norton a nonce.Tom(BBC staff member)

  15. Personally, I hate the word “queer”, but I don’t wet myself, scream and go running off to Ofcom everytime I hear it used in a negative way. Let’s stop prattling on about silly little light hearted things and focus on the big issues. Violent crime against us in this and other countries would be a very good start.

  16. its all part of the same thing bognutusing words like gay or queer in a pejorative sense causes homophobia

  17. You people are pathetic. You are the reason people are ‘homophobic’. Let me get this straight, someone else calls an inanimate object(a car), ‘a bit gay’ and ‘you’ are deeply offended by that? I mean how old are you people? Children can take name calling, it’s part of growing up, so why can’t you? If you people get your way and sexuality is fully politicised then we are all doomed because it won’t stop there. Sooner or later the ginger haired people will form a group where they can whine about how such terrible victims they are, then they can become ‘activists’ and put ‘pressure’ on people.You know when a young child does that thing where they look like there crying but there not. That’s what you people are. None of you are offended, you just see a chance to raise your hand and declare “I’M A VICTIM TOO – FEEL SORRY FOR ME!”

  18. So it’s not at all wrong to equate us with all that is crap? I’d say that’s pretty fecking offensive.(would go into a big rant here, but it’s all been said)

  19. Jack Lemon 22 May 2007, 3:38pm

    Dear Pink Tony Grew on LBCI strongly object to the opinions broadcaster on LBC this morning 22/05/07 regarding a Top Gear PresenterAgain this is a further example of the hyper sensitive, politically correct generation we are living in. A group of liberals that wish to take away freedom of speech for the own personal gain. A group which epitimize the materialistic, loveless, superficial era we live in. I advise the Young journalist that spoke this morning to go on holiday and take a break, because to be frank he made quite a fool of himself. His bitterness with the world ofviously stems from rejection and sexual frustration.So smile and get a sense of humour…………it was only a joke!!!

  20. Luke/JackClearly you have never been in a playground getting the crap beaten out of you while being called “poof”, “queer” or “faggot”. Always its middle England, white, “educated” hetero’s who tell us to “get a sense of humor”. Words are dangerous, period. Understand that when celebrities and the media bandy about these derogatory terms for minorities, the wider population imitates them and thinks that is OK. How many kids watch Top Gear – thousands. They learn that their “hero” thinks cars that are crap are queer. And the gay kids watching get to feel shitty as a result. Let me tell you from personal experience it is not OK. It is not OK that you equate my sexuality and identity with stuff that is crap. That is not a sense of humor failure, it is basic lack of respect on behalf of Clarkson et al.

  21. Jack, you are a fat, filty queer… let me see you smile, “its only a joke”

  22. elizabeth veldon 22 May 2007, 5:11pm

    i love it when a ‘debate’ stays strictly within the relms of techincal language.I beleve ‘fuckin queer cunts’ is a term used when discussing Hengelian Dialectics?

  23. To Tom-in-London (BBC staff member)At the start Graham arrived in a car. When he got out the driver called him a nonce. It was included in the subtitles as well.

  24. Jack Lemon 23 May 2007, 7:03pm

    Well the bullying in the schools is a result of the materialistic decadent society with no family core we live in………. if you feel so strongly about the political correctness and use of language why dont you focus ur rage at your local school and sort the bullies out yourself. See thats the problem with people these days “all mouth and no trousers” a truly gutless decade. This bullying culture does not stem from one presenter’s “loose langauge” maybe it originates for the mannerless, selfish, Loveless , politically correct society we live in.The liberals like to stick 500 children from different cultures, religions and sexuality in the same school and expect the whole model to work……..I mean how stupid is that!!!!The USSR didnt work so why should any simular model work here in the UKpeople that dont read there history are bound to repeat the same mistakes againFrom a Spanish, Roman Catholic upbringing it scares me to see how poisoness this culture has become:-(

  25. Why did they only get 5 complaints – that is FIVE complaints about this out of oh only a few million viewers compared to the hundreds for the caravan episode.It smacks to me as if someone is looking for some free publicity.Clarkson says many contraversial things about many things – hadn’t they noticed? I’d be more worried if I was left out

  26. its just a word, means nothing in some languages and something in others. Theres nothing homophobic in what was said. Those complaining clearly have nothing better to do. If we all behave like politicians then before you know it this country is going to be full of idiots.

  27. Why are people so insensitive when it comes to names?Many gay people I know use the term, “It`s a bit Gay” to describe something which is a bit `naff`.It`s a statement more to do with taste than deep hating prejudice.As regards the BBC. Having worked for them I can say that many male staff are `gay`, and `gay` people are trumpeted above heterosexuals, so I would hardly call them anti-Gay. Bigoted perhaps, but not `anti-Gay`.Personally, for anti-Gay prejudice I would seriously worry about New Labour and their embrace of Islam.This faith is hardly a supporter of Gay rights, and in the recent Channel 4 documentary about Islamic extremists in Mosques, there were clear examples of not just anti-Gay views, but the implied will of `Allah` to murder homosexuals for being `Gay`.But apparently this `banter` by the Imman`s was `said out of context`(whatever that means – because they said it) and no prosecutions are being considered or sought.In fact, the police wanted Channel 4 persecuted by the regulator instead.So I guess for the government and the judiciary, it`s okay to be anti `gay`.It`s not the breadth of this issue, it`s the depth.If the Government seriously believed in `Gay` rights, they would have put pressure on the CPS to prosecute. But they chose to stay silent.Why? Because there are more Muslim voters to be had than `Gay` ones.

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