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Deputy leadership candidates support gay hate law

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Reader comments

  1. This is all very well but is it just posturing to get a Gay vote?It is common knowledge now in the Labour Party that Gordon Brown does NOT support gay rights.He has contrived to be absent from the House of Commons for every single one of the fourteen votes for Gay Rights legislation brought forward by the Government since 1997.The fact is also well known that the Treasury refused to support the financial measures in the Civil Partnership Act.They refused until the eleventh hour to allow Inheritance Tax exemption for surviving Civil Partners and also refused to give pension rights in Public Sector pension schemes for surviving Civil Partners.In the end they gave in but delayed the implementation of the Act by 6 months and allowed pension rights from 1988 only.The MPs own Parliamentary Scheme is far more generous to same sex partners than this.I look forward to hearing Gordon Brown endorse the Civil partnership Act in any interview with any political commentator in the UK.My personal belief is that he will avoid the issue at every turn.Brown believes that homosexuality is sinful and the State should not support it in any way at all.Expect a complete halt to any futher advances in the Law with regard to protecting gays and lesbians.

  2. Gordon Brown voted in favour of the Sexual Orientation Regulations; I think it was even reported on this site. If you’re going to state “facts” then quote your sources, otherwise the “facts” are nothing more than tittle-tattle.

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