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Gay prisoners granted visitation rights

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  1. Does the UK penal system permit that? I hope so. Canada has allowed it since 1990, yes 1990, but then it has the best system of equality and democracy than any other nation to date.Robert, NYC, ex-patriot Brit

  2. The law in the UK prohibits any provider of goods and services (whether a public sector or private sector organisation and including the the prison service) from treating people less favourably due to their sexual orientation. Therefore it would be illegal to offer heterosexual couples different rights than same-sex couples.

  3. David, thanks for the explanation. I actually wondered if the new laws would cover conjugal prison rights for same-sex couples. Would be interesting to know though if anyone who is Gay and has been or is still incarcerated has ever been refused such visits from a partner.RObert, NYC.

  4. Vernon Foeller 18 May 2007, 8:20pm

    Hello from Sacramento California.My name is Vernon Foeller, and I am the guy who, with help from my partner and the ACLU(NC)Discrimination unit in San Francisco Ca. made possible Gay Family visiting in the California Prison system. We had our visit on December 16th,17th and 18th of 2006. My release date was last month. If anybody has any questions, please e- mail me at,

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