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Anglican crisis deepens as diocese opts out

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Reader comments

  1. Perhaps if they started concentrating on their “lifestyle choice” and stopped interfering in people’s lives and discriminating against them on biological grounds the World would be a nicer place for everyone. If the church splits, it has only itself to blame – we’d only have Islam and The Daily Mail left to insult us then.

  2. So then, the score is now -Bigots 1 : Gays 0Shame on the C of E for allowing a bunch of homophic bigots in Africa to dictate terms!

  3. Peter Akinola owes the Church of England and all its components an apology, particularly the Church in Canada and the US. It is this homophobic, who is so obsessed with vitriolic hate speech against gay people and women, who has brought about this crisis in the Church. If I were the ABC,Akinola would be brought to trial and excommunicated for his actions and unchristian behavior towards gay people and women in general not to mention trying to set himself up as Pope. He has actively sought and taken US Congregations into his diocese illegally and has tried to steal church property from the ruling US Bishops. Akinola does not understand the Bible and as ignorant as many Nigerians are —probally barely can read it. He only thinks he knows what it says.Akinola was the party behind refusing to sit or say mass with Kathryn, the US Presiding Bishop simply because she is a womanand although heterosexual voted for Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire (which btw has been doing an outstanding job) and is tolerant of gay people and welcomes them into the Church.Akinola is guilty of Sodomy which in the biblical sense has nothing to do with being gay)—the worst sin of the bible which is the inhospitality of one to another which we see in the text where the Angels visit Sodom. Here in the US; the Anglican Church (Episcopal) was the one place that a gay Christian could go and feel welcomed for many years aside from the Metropolitan Community Church.Akinola and Jerry Falwell are two of a kind—two men who seem to be more the devil’s advocate than Christian because of the evil things that they have said and do, and done.

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