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Gay customer considers legal action over BT survey

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Reader comments

  1. Gino Meriano 15 May 2007, 5:18pm

    Its good to see some action being take and the Equality Act starting to show its real powerMay I ask why Pink News are happy to have BT on for advertising though ?

  2. “We never did get to the bottom of that.” I feel another complaint coming on!E-digital do a lot of work for the right wing press (Telegraph)and are based in a right wing area, so they’re probably not used to recognising potentially homophobic questions.In this case, I think the first question is a genuine mistake, and it would take a very fussy queen to start whining about it. The second is far worse as it specifically states “opposite sex” without good reason, that phrase could have simply been omitted.I feel that we should avoid testing the new law on trivial, publicity seeking cases and use it for it’s intended purpose – to target genuine homophobia in the provision of goods and services.Try getting quotes for home or car insurance, there are very few companies who provide an option for Civil Partners – including the one who advertises on this site.

  3. Well done Mr Lee. Many people would have accepted their exclusion from the survey, allowing themselves to be subtly diminished.The question deviser may have been guilty of nothing more than a lack of awareness and thought, but the poor response to your initial complaint, and the fact that no remedial action was taken for 2 weeks following your complaint, is the real issue here.I am surprised at the comments from B L Zebub, for instance “…and it would take a very fussy queen…” may be interpreted as unresolved diversity issues on the part of the writer.The proposal that we should avoid using the new law on “trivial, publicity seeking cases’ suggests the writer would rather the community remained quiet when exclusion is encountered in what some may perceive as run-of-the-mill situations. There is no such thing as ‘trivial prejudice’, as it always indicates a mindset that must be challenged. Until genuine equality is achieved, in both practice and perception, then no example of discrimination, even unconscious ‘mindset’ discrimination, should remain unchallenged. I applaud you, Mr Lee, for challenging a mainstream institution to change its ways of thinking.

  4. I take it that the service under the microscope was the compalints precedure as nothing else would really be covered by the Goods Services law.BT could offer the defece that their customer service is rubbish across the board, regardless of the sexuality of their client. After all, this wouldn’t be a lie.

  5. Thank you for your comment, Gino, and yours as well, Patrick, as well as your support. Yes, ‘b l zebub’,…there is another complaint coming…several of them, as there should be by anybody who feels offended and the wrong party does nothing to acknowledge their errors. As for your point about receiving quotes for home or car insurance as a Civil Partner, I am doing all I can to address that issue and others faced by gay people in a group founded because of this BT incident- Proactive Diversity: Ensuring Equal Rights for the GLBT Community in Great Britain and the Rest of the World. You may access it at and join if you like, as well as anybody concerned with equal rights to all. No homophobia or discrimination will be viewed as trivial, and all circumstances we will persist until the offended party feels vindicated.

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