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Paisley faces gay rights challenge

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Reader comments

  1. Reverend Fiddler 14 May 2007, 12:47pm

    What a shame these religious nutters haven’t got anything better to do with their lives than prattle on about gay people all the time. Funny how they’re so obsessed by anything to do with sex, perhaps there’s an underlying perversion.

  2. I suspect the right wing religious nutjobs have a lot of unresolved sexual issues concerning their true orientation. Why is it that they obsess over our private sex lives, irrespective of their religious bigoted convictions. They villify us at every provocation. Maybe Paisley and his ilk should take another look at the myriad references to heterosexuals that do not put [them] in a very good light, yet they deliberately filter out anything that could jeapordise their air of superior moral authority such as divorce, killing one’s wife for adultery, even children, all of which are banned in “scripture”, scripture that all chrisitan denominations claim to believe in. How convenient for them! Their hypocrisy is mindblowing.RObert, NYC. (ex-pat Brit)

  3. Yet again the Christians whinge about sometime they are obsessed with, just beacuse they cant attack Jews, blacks or women anymore, now its the gay men and women they latch onto. When will they get it through their pathetic bigoted thick skulls that God probably doesnt give a flying f**k, and those bible ‘rules’ were created by humans in a completely patriarchal society.

  4. Ivan Bailey 15 May 2007, 12:31am

    I suspect many people contributing to this debate on religious persicution might find to be of great interest.

  5. Ivan Bailey 15 May 2007, 12:32am

    Sorry, that shoulod read “persecution”. Doh!

  6. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 9 Aug 2007, 8:16pm

    Paisley, Mosley, Bush, Hitler, Franco, Mussolini, Mugabe, the Kaczynski borthers – all have a lot more in common that just homophobia.

  7. Eduardo Molinillo 10 Aug 2007, 1:33am

    What about Daffy, Donald, Goofy, Popeye, Bugs and Elmer (not really in the closet), Bat Man, etc…all repressed gays…LIBERATE the cartoon characters NOW! Our children must know the truth!

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