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Comment: The race divide splits the gay community

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Reader comments

  1. This article is not true.Detroit does have a Black Gay Pride for lesbians and gay blacks. But its Gay Pride is multi-racial not for “whites”. I would appreciate it if rumors were not stated as fact.Please remove the article.

  2. This article is so full of shit that it has NO place being printed in respected media.The writer peppered just enough truth in this report to make the rest of his crap sound believable.Racism and homophobia are still HUGE problems in America but the author’s claims about racism in the gay community is terribly exaggerated in some instances and flatly made up in others.This article should be removed from PinkNews immediately.

  3. First, there are Black Lesbian and Gay Prides all across the US…Washington, DC, (the first and oldest), Austin, TX; Philadelphia, PA; Houston, TX; Boston, MA; Portland, OR; Memphis, TN; Charlotte, NC; Chicago, Tampa, and the list goes on…for a complete list, visit . For the record, the initial black pride was started because there was no place at the table for people of color on the planning committees of the “traditional gay prides” and couples in mixed relationships often felt excluded. To a large degree, that is still true today (check out the host committees of “traditional gay prides” all across the US and look at the diversity (or lack there of). That is not to say that blacks do participate in traditional pride and whites don’t participate in Black Pride, but Black Pride is a mulit-cultural event where there are events, health sessions, specific topics that are for, by and about people of color…something that is needed to further educate, enlighten and empower communities. Hopefully one day we will find a happy medium, but until that time, there is a space where people of color can have their souls fed.

  4. One more thing:The ONLY people who benefit from this Black vs. Gay fight is people who hate blacks AND gays.White conservatives are putting HUGE amounts of money and effort into convincing Black pastors and black people that gay people are trying to “intrude” on their civil rights struggle and that somehow giving rights to gays would require taking rights away from blacks. They are also trying to convince straight AND gay black people that white gays are just as racist, IF NOT MORE RACIST than straight people. That is a load of crap!Of course there are racist gays. There are sexist gays. There are even HOMOPHOBIC gays.I think white gays are by far less racist, less sexist and less homophobic than the general population and I think that that is PRECISELY because of their being gay. They better understand the concept of bigotry than the average white person.Racists and homophobes, and racist homophobes realize that if gays and blacks get together and realize that their struggles are very much the same and that they should be allies in the fight for acceptance and equality then they would be a powerful force to fight both racism and homophobia.Because of this threat they have instituted a VERY aggressive and VERY effective campaign to promote division, mistrust, fear and animosity between the two communities and fear and confusion in the minds of people who are part of both communities.Sadly, gay people and black people are falling for this propaganda, hook line and sinker while the racist homophobes sit back and watch the carnage with a big smile of satisfaction and surety that their power is safe.Idiots, like the author of this “report” are puppets in this shameful campaign and should shut the hell up and realize how they are being used to hurt BOTH black people AND gay people.PinkNews should have enough sense and enough journalistic integrity to not allow themselves to be a pawn in this strategic, homophobic and racist “culture war” tactic.Shame on the author of this sensationalistic report. Shame on Here! magazine and shame on PinkNews for spreading it!

  5. It’s like the 4 comments completely missed the point! whoa.
    I have no idea what Zeke is babbling about. And to say that being white gay makes you less racist, less sexist, and less homophobic, is seriously just laugh out loud funny. The whole rant is just one big conspiracy..

    The article was bringing up the point about “Division and Discrimination” that are within the GLBT Community. And it is true. Division that on average every human has encountered..

    The other point is. That ethnicity and race/color of yourself, Should NOT divide you amongst your fellow gays. Since being Gay already puts people in a “minority” situation. The point is to over come such hatred and blind racism. On average some people stick with their own race just out of comfort reasons..

    Overall, I say this is a good article, that these 3 people have completely missed the point of.

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