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US Anglican churches defy Williams

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Reader comments

  1. What an asshole this Akinola is! Its good that he’s breaking away from the fold. Let him go back to his cave and remain there. Obviously he and his ilk haven’t evolved since the dark ages and Rowan Williams needs to grow a new backbone and give them all the heave-ho, good riddance! At least they’ll lose the main source of their financial support from the more progressive Episcopalian church. Once the money runs out, you’ll see Akinola grovelling.

  2. Per Akinola, “You can’t make a pile of money thick enough to protect from the fires of hell”

  3. His attitude never ceases to amaze me! On the one hand he and others demand an apology from the “White Man” for the slave trade – something that was actually JUSTIFIED in Biblical text – until people woke up to the cruelty of the trade.On the other hand he and his black bigots in Africa, Jamaica and USA condemn Gay people and quote the Bible, yet again, for their bigotted and antiquared views? It seems they are just as perverse as the White slavers two hundred years ago.Let me see, will we in another 50 years or so be hearing apologies from the Black community to the Gay community for THEIR bigottery and prejudice? I think not.

  4. It might seem a little bit shallow, but I can’t see this making a shred of difference to my life.That said when I get to hell, I’m sure this bunch of cu … bigots will have got there first

  5. To digress, do any of you think that maybe one day Civil Partnerships will be merged into the Marriage act? I’m a transplanted Brit living in the USA. Here in New York State, our beloved Governor Spitzer, pro-gay and who is about to introduce a bill to grant full marriage equality in our state, has also ordered that any same-sex couple legally married in another country such as Canada, Holland, Belgium, Spain, S. Africa and the state of Massachusetts will have their marriages recognized in New York State. Whereas, Civil Partnerships/Unions are not. This is another reason why we in the UK must demand that full equality means full marriage equality. If I were to register for a Civil Partnership in the UK with my partner, it would not be recognized in any other country, in other words, no portability whatsoever. So why would anyone want to settle for anything less than full marriage recognition which is the gold standard? Yes, CPs are a step in the right direction, but why should we have to settle for second class citizenship and accept legislated discrimination, separate but “equal” or more accurately, unequal?Robert, NYC.

  6. Robert (another Robert BTW - t 9 May 2007, 4:54pm

    I’m in a CP here in the UK and have lived with my partner since 1978. For us CPs were more about legal recognition of our partnership in the UK. It was about legal rights to pass on property, pensions etc. As a Christian, I personally believe Marriage to be a Union between One man and One woman. It will take a long time I think for people to become comfortable with One man and One Man etc. So, for the time being we have had to accept the next best thing. I’m afraid the world isn’t black and white and some changes will take generations to achieve.

  7. David Morton 9 May 2007, 9:03pm

    This man’s arrogance is beyond belief. Nor is he hiding the fact that he wants to become the head of the entire Anglican Communion and remove the leadership from Canterbury. He is a very dangerous person, a bigot, and not worthy to wear a priest’s collar let alone have any right to do any of what he is doing. He needs to shut up and take care of Nigeria and leave the US Episcopal Church and the rest of the world alone. His defiance should be condemned, but, alas, it won’t be. For some reason no one has the guts to put him in his place. And I am bewildered that there are those in the Episcopal Church who actually want to follow him. Funny and pathetic how scared he and others in the Church are of Gay people–Children of God as surely as any others. Paraphrasing Shakespeare, Methinks Anikola and other bigots protest too much!

  8. Lets have the numbers: The worldwide Anglican Communion contains 77 million members. There are only 15,000 Episcopalians in New Hampshire, and the liberals, the minority in the Episcopal church. To all the liberal Anglicans out there, I have a question: what did you think would happen? Just trying to understand. You altered the Bibilical definition of marriage without consulting the others, while at the same time legitimizing a lifestyle that is unambiguously proscribed by both Testaments. You then ordained to the highest office a person who engages in said lifestyle. Leaving aside the question of his partner’s gender, this is the first time EVER that a Christian bishop has been in a sexual relationship with someone to whom he is not married.And you are SURPRISED at the negative response from conservatives.Exactly how did you think traditionalists would respond to your actions?

  9. David Skinner 29 Mar 2011, 6:18pm

    Rahila, well said. Over 80% of the worlds Anglicans reside in the Southern Hemisphere and they certainly do not subscribe to gay liberation theology. As for Akinola, he is not head of the breakaway church, any more than Rowan Williams is head of the Chruch of England Akinola bows the knee to God who is there and is not silent and who communicates to us through His Son, Jesus Christ and His Word the Bible. Akinola can do not other than obey his King in Heaven. Those who criticise him are religious illiterates, as is Rowan Williams himself.

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