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Jews and Muslims back Pope over gay rights

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Reader comments

  1. Michael Regan 9 May 2007, 1:15pm

    Jewish and Muslims siding with the pope against gay people, I could open a long winded thing about the double standards of these people, once persecuted and now persecuting others, but that would be a crude as they are.I’m sure, of course, that all children raised in their ideal family are never treated cruel or raised with bad morals, to show love to others and spread that ideal… unless your a fag of course, I mean we’re not people are we, we corrupt children with our rules messages of hate.Another way to see it. Muslims and Jewish must be desperate now, looking to the pope for an ideology instead of finding a moral centre themselves. I’m humanist, I try to look at everyone in the same way, but find that impossible sometimes when people set themselves apart from the rest of the world = most religions.

  2. George Broadhead 9 May 2007, 1:28pm

    I’m a Humanist too and nobody should be at all surprised that Rome’s Chief Rabbi has joined the campaign against gay civil unions following the Union of Islamic Communities in Italy, and the Vatican’s lead.We must stand up to the homophobes who preach hatred, intolerance anddiscrimination in the name of faith and ancient texts.

  3. It wasn’t so long ago that a certain Adolf Hitler justified his own hatred and persecution of the Jewish race on Biblical texts. Now we see those same persecuted Jews siding with mass murderers and homophobes against Gay people. What disgusting people they are.

  4. Geraldine Mckavanagh 5 Jun 2007, 6:49am

    This doesn’t surprise me, although it does frighten me. If it was only with in the last 50 years or so that Adolf Hitler started the holocaust of the jews, then is it possible that a holocaust of homosexuals could happen. There’s a lot of hatred towards gays now a days. Homosexuals were killed in the holocaust, about 1 million or so. One thing that religious people tend to forget is that the religious books i.e. Quaran, Bible etc. weren’t written by the gods themselves, but by the prophets of the gods who may have had different interpretations of what the gods meant. So we can’t really know what god meant when he said those things. AND notice how there is no commandment in the tens commandments that says you can’t be gay, something we know comes from god. For muslims, there is no pillar that says you can’t be gay, something they know came from Allah. I am an out lesbian christian and I am disgusted that the religious leaders of the world are saying such things, however I would advise atheist gays to remember there are people like me that are either gay themselves or are okay with gays that are christian at the same time. If you’re losing faith in god and are gay, I’d advise you to get a good grip and try and hold on to religion for as long as you can. God, for me, is someone to turn to in time of need. So don’t hate christians/muslims/jews, hate their leaders.

  5. In response to Geraldine McKavanagh, one does not need an organised religion to believe, or seek solace in, God. If you can reconcile the hate within organisations like the Catholic Church towards gays with who you are, good for you, but my advice is to get out of those organisations. You’ll feel better for it.Ask yourself, would you spend time in a bar in the company of a homophobic who’s every second sentence was about how “sinful” you are? If the answer is no, then ask yourself why would you spend time in the company of a church that does the same…?By the way, leaving the Catholic Church is quite simple… all you need to do under Vatican II is write to your local bishop saying you want out, give some personal details (DOB, parents names, location of baptism, etc) and they’ll officially remove your from their membership (its called defection). At least you’re taking a stand against their incessant tirade of propaganda, and saying enough is enough.

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