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Cardinal: homosexuality a form of prostitution

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Reader comments

  1. Father Wentupmeagain 9 May 2007, 7:21pm

    Sounds like the shitty old twat’s being paying for it

  2. Robert (the original one) 9 May 2007, 7:21pm

    Latvia is in the EU, so why is this sort of homophobic ranting and behavious tolerated by the rest of the EU?Look at it this way, the UK government is often hamstrung and points to EU and Human Rights when it fails to send back terrorists to their own country, or send back failed asylum seekers yet here we have an EU state behaving like Nazi Germany in the 1930s and getting away with it!? Totally mad if you ask me. So, if Latvia and Poland can get away with denying basic human rights why does the UK government back off in fear of what the EU might do or say??Totally mad and without logic if you ask me.

  3. i must ask: what have Asylum Seekers (or Refugees as I perfer to call them) got to dow with this story?On the story itself: It’s the Catholic Church, what do you expect?

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