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Scotland may get first LGB minister

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Reader comments

  1. So much then for the Scottish Christian Party – destined no doubt to all the looney fringe parties, such as the Monster Raving Loony Party, total wipeout and oblivion!

  2. So when are those idiots on the left going to realise that mainstream islam wants us dead?Ah yes, the homophobia of the right. Doesn’t quite compare with throw the queers off the tallest building in town or whatever those cudely islamic preachers (time to bury your heads in the sands you hypocripites) are advocating.Ordinarilary I wouldn’t mind the lying hypicrocisy of the left, but when it means my death at the hands of islam, I am a bit peeved.Oh yes I forgot, there’s no difference between being opposed to gay marriage (Daily Mail) and mainstream islam wanting us dead.Thanks, but I’m a bit more worried about an a “renowned islamic scholar” who wants me dead, than I am the BNP who doesn’t wasn’t gay rights in their face.Or are you really so stupid that you can’t see who the real enemy is?Again, when is the Left going to wake up to the fact that islam is a far bigger threat to gay people than anything the tabloid press throws at them?Or are they willing to see gay people murdered in the name of islam???

  3. Obviously not interested in their constituents more there for their own perverse agenda and promotion of LGB. Luke, the STD’s have attacked your brain cell, check spelling before submitting.

  4. elizabeth veldon 6 May 2007, 5:28pm

    I think comments on STIs are, shall we say, a little out of order?

  5. Snp Dundee West msp is openly gay also.

  6. Um no there has only been one MSP called Iain Smith. He’s an out gay man, has represented North East Fife since 1999 and was a Minister in the Scottish Government from 1999-2000. Many newspaper reports have claimed he is Patrick Harvey’s partner but this is entirely incorrect.

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