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Analysis: Miliband’s appeal shows he should have run

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Reader comments

  1. Take on Gordon Brown? Don’t be so ridiculous.

  2. Yet another lazy article citing “Labour’s outstanding record on gay rights”. Does no-one remember that Labour went to the European court to keep the ban on gays in the military? And that one of the Bolton 7 was nearly made a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International during Blair’s reign? Ok Labour has made progress in the last couple of years (all the changes prior to that were due to EU law requirements), but even now we are left with the special queer law of civil partnerships, as a cowardly way of legalising gay marriage…

  3. Labour didn’t just stall on LGBT rights for years – in 1999 they actively took away employment rights from trans people, creating a swathe of exemptions from a European ruling on non-discrimination. And of course, most of what they didn’t do in the first term they blame on Tory spending plans — when most LGBT measures like the age of consent or section 28 would have had no effect on the budget but would have signalled an intention to effect social change. No wonder the Lib Dems proceded to mop up the LGBT vote in the last two elections!

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