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Milliband and Cameron beat Brown in race for gay support

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  1. RancidMaggie 7 May 2007, 4:35pm

    Scrape away the thin gloss of David Cameron and the deep, rotten old wood is still lurking underneath – not to mention a Death Watch Beetle or two (Tebbit, Widdecombe, Davies, Duncan Smith, Thatcher et al) Some of us did live through the 80’s and won’t be happy until the festering underbelly of the nasty party are 6 foot under (with plenty of garlic, just in case). Sadly, the new spawn are waiting to take over from them.

  2. Funny, I think Cameron’s a smug bastard and I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him……I also don’t trust the tories. There are still too many homophobes there for me to believe they’ve changed.I read the interview that Michael Howard did before the last election and he did not apologise for Clause 28, so sorry I won’t be voting for them!

  3. I think you’ll find if you scrap away a thin layer of gloss and you’ll find that Labour are no better. It was hard to choose which of their gaffes that was worse in the poll, but I plumped for Ruth Kelly (never though I’d ever choose her for anything.Blair’s time as Prime Minister is over. He should have gone ages ago, but like all politicians he’s found it hard to give up the power and control. Its just got ugly now. He’s like a dog that’s been run over by a car in the road. No one has got the bottle to finish him off, so we all have to endure the suffering.The last Conservative regime was labelled sleazy because of a little bit of inappropriate sexual behaviour – well who here today isn’t guilty of a bit of that now and then? Labour however have been rocked by scandal after scandal – dodgey peerages, passports for nannies, crooked Italian governments to name but a few, and don’t even get me started on the £10 billion down the toilet on ID cards … oh and the other £10 billion on the bloody Olympics.Cameron seems like quite a nice chap – I’m happy to let him screw me for four year – God knows Blair has been diong it for long enough

  4. Cameron isn’t the problem, he’s just the flimsy front man for a bunch of sadistic, homophobic old wankers who abused us in the 1980’s amd 1990’s and will do it again given half the chance.I won’t be shitting on the party who helped us, even if I don’t like their leader very much.

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