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Bush will veto gay hate crimes bill

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Reader comments

  1. What a bunch of hypocrites! As blacks they demand all the rights and freedoms yet deny others theirs!?HYPOCRITES!

  2. How sad. A couple of generations ago, African Americans and gays walked hand-in-hand under the banner of civil rights. rolling backwards or what?

  3. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 7 Aug 2007, 5:21pm

    While it’s true that some African American churches are part of the bigot front opposing hate crimes legislation the vast majority of it’s opponents are from Euro American churches and their front groups. This is just regurgitated bigotry from the christian-republican coalition put together under Reagan. Bigot gay bashing is used to distract voters angry about Iran, Katrina, the economy, etc. Recently a number of superstitious bigwigs, including red robed bigots of the roman cult and fat cat white sheeted evangelicals signed a statement supporting a constitutional amendment blocking same-sex marriage. Bishop Charles E. Blake of the Church of God in Christ, the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez Jr., president of the National Hispanic Association of Evangelicals, Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb and leaders of the eastern orthodox cults were rounded up to lend an aura of breadth to this unwholesome crew. (Osama Bin Laden, the Iranian ayatollahs, neo-Nazis from Germany and other foes of same-sex marriage weren’t included, for now.) They were rewarded in February, 2006 when Bush signed off an a law giving 500 million dollars to superstition-based groups who oppose same-sex marriage. Hallelujah! The bishops and preachers thought the manna from DC was a miracle but Bush, a long suffering victim of foot in mouth disease, dumbfounded the nation by claiming the giveaway was part of a deficit reduction scheme. The Reverend Kenneth Samuel, a Georgia pastor and NAACP official said many African American pastors oppose gay marriage because they’ve been “bought out” with faith-based initiative money. For the record, most African American leaders are dead set against bigotry in any form. To blame them or the majority of African Americans for what is really a diversion tactic of the Republicans and the bigot churches is to fall into their trap of ‘divide and rule’.African Americans are NOT the enemy, christians are. Christian and religious opposition to hate crimes legislation leads to only one chilling but credible conclusion – they FAVOR beatings, harassment, discrimination and even murder. Soon they’ll begin talking about a final solution. People who adopt a religious – superstitous – lifestyle are incapable of reason but capable of enormous violence.

  4. Martin Luther King and Bob Marley would be spinning in their graves if they could see what is happening here with the opposition to this Bill.On a broader point, when it comes to a clash of rights, it is the rights of what people are that must take precedent over the rights of what people merely believe.Black, gay, male/female etc. are what people are. Such things must rightly be protected. Racism, religion, sexism etc. are merely beliefs. Such things must rightly be subjected to vigorous argument and debunking.This is civilisation.

  5. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 27 Sep 2007, 4:27am

    Senator John McCain flew with the USAF air armadas that routinely bombed and napalmed Vietnamese civilians. Now he wants to be Commander in Chief and preside over the genocide in Iraq. He needs psychiatric supervision. He’s pulling this stunt because he’s getting shot down in flames again, but this time its in the polls, where he’s dropped from 25% to about 15% – he can’t raise money and he’s desperate. is the best way to follow the numbers; it’s a combination of all the national polls. The Matthew Sheppard Act has its shortcomings; the penalties are not harsh enough to deter hate crimes and they don’t routinely include the politicians and religious fanatics who fan the flames of bigotry and violence. Whatever its weaknesses, though, the bill is urgently needed. The last few weeks have seen a national upturn in harassment and violence against gays and lesbians all over the US . This spike is identical to those that played out during the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections when Republican and christian bigots inundated the nation with a torrent of antigay rhetoric. They’ve already begun their hatemongering and we still have a year to go. The Democrats response, slicker and quieter but no less damaging, says that we don’t deserve the right to be married. The combination of Democratic rejection of full equality, Republican scapegoating and christian hatemongering places us in the hazardous position of second class citizenship, of people who don’t deserve equal treatment. That was the position occupied by Jews in Nazi Germany, by African Americans during the heyday of racism, and today by Palestinians in apartheid Israel and by gays and lesbians in many nations. Wherever groups are made unequal by force of law, they’re in jeopardy. The message broadcast by politicians and christians is heard loud and clear by violence prone thugs. I’m afraid that the upsurge in beatings and even murders means we’re in for rough times again.

  6. Dominick J. 8 Dec 2007, 12:24am

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  7. Bill Perdue 8 Dec 2007, 2:50am

    Another dirty deed done dirt cheap by conservative Democrats. They’ve been at it since Clinton was President when they passed anti samesex marriage bills and DADT, a bigoted bill that encourages violence and harassment of GLBT service members. Just a month ago the rightwing conservative Democrats and Republicans jointly gutted the employment protections bill ENDA. After Democrats stripped everything of value from it the Republican picked it clean with amendments. They abandoned us to the tender mercies of bosses and managers who virtually mint money underpaying us and discriminating against us in hiring and firing. Then these same right wing reactionaries abandoned us to the thugs by dropping the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes bill. Their reactionary treachery and conservative kowtowing to bigots means we’ll again be forced to form campaign committees to demand passage of our agenda for full equality. Massive and militant demonstrations are the best vehicle to coerce Congress. The need is even greater since the courts are responding to Congressional bigotry and spinelessness by noting their opposition to GLBT equality and finding against us. GLBT folks people are getting fired and underpaid everyday. We get harassed and abused every day and each year 20 or more of us are lynched and thousands beaten. ( Those figures and the hundreds of murders of GLBT folk in Iraq are obviously not a problem for the rightwing Democrats and Republicans in Congress so it’s up to us to make it a problem for them. As Benjamin Franklin said “We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”Yesterday the Harvard Institute of Politics released a new poll which said that only 30% or youth think the two major parties are doing an adequate job and that 37% think a third party is needed. Gay Student Alliance growth on high school campuses is exploding and there are now 3500 HS GSA’s plus thousands more GLBT youth groups on college campuses. They’ll provide a base to help build and energize the union led US Labor Party. The USLP’s growth, the mounting radicalization and explosive growth of GLBT youth groups and the renewed efforts to create an independent African American political party are evidence of the fracturing echoing across the US political landscape. These developments will help end the two pary shell game of the conservative Democrats and Republicans.

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