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DUP minister in gay Pride row

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Reader comments

  1. I don’t know if “poot” means the same thing in England as it does in America. If so it’s truly an unfortunate name for Mr. Poot. In America a name like that would be a political career killer.

  2. Wil, Dublin 4 May 2007, 1:18pm

    Fire and brimstone never loses its appeal to this lot, does it? The DUP won’t stop until we’re torching witches again and looking at diagrams of a flat earth. What’s worse is that there are fools out there that put these feverish twits into power.

  3. Now in power they will have to comply with existing legislation…this money was agreed with the civil servants managed by Mr Hain the Minister. Had the timing been different, and the DUP etc stayed in the Assembly 3 years ago, we would never have gotten this money, or the equality legislation re goods and services, or civil partnership that was passed in thier absence!!!I think they will very closely scrutinize how this money is spent, and if every time isn’t crossed and i dotted then they wil try to block it on those grounds in the years to come. So we…the community need to be smart and clever and be seen to get it right.

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