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BP boss could face perjury charges

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Reader comments

  1. Barry Atkinson 1 May 2007, 2:54pm

    I thought the days when this sort of blacmail were over.Just get on with your life, Lord Brown, and better luck with your next partner. The last one is,no doubt, at this very minute, looking for someone else to sponge off.Pillock!

  2. Hi, what is is all about? Did he meet him in a public convenience, for example.

  3. Jeff Chevalier already seems to be “tucked up” nicely with Viscount Rothermere and the “Daily Mail and General Trust” in a manner of speaking.Indeed the Editor of the Mail on Sunday admitted to John Snow on Channel 4 News this evening that the Mail on Sunday had financially supported Jeff Chevalier while he recounted his story.The Rothermere family name is still “Harmsworth”.This murky little episode has a smell of vendetta.The next thing is that someone will be saying that it was four in a bed with Peter and Reinaldo.It is all reminiscent of the famous and true story of the dinner engagement of President Mitterand and the singer Charles Trenet.On the way to the meal Charles had lighted on an attractive young punk lad whom he did no more than take to table with Monsieur le President.Mitterand did not turn a hair even though the lad didn’t really have much to contribute to the conversation during the meal.But then French privacy laws would have prevented the publication of this story until long after if ever.

  4. I get so tire of these people who hide their sexuality and then complain when someone else takes the power that they freely gave away. When a person lives honestly and openly he takes ALL the power from others who might try to destroy him. Stop being such frickin cry babies. Grow up. Be a man for Christ’s sake. Be proud of who and what you are and stop acting like a spineless bitch who’s too afraid and ashamed to stand tall and proud.Geese, I’m sick of these stories.

  5. If Lord Browne had tried to end a 4-year marriage in the divorce courts it would have cost him. Instead he dumps his lover and tries to gag him through the courts using his wealth and influence to intimidate him.Even to the point of lying about where they met. How crass can you get ?as Browne so short of money he had to use BP resources for his lover ? Was he too cheap to settle his lover financially ? I suppose on £5 million year it is hard to get by nowadays

  6. Kiss and Tell has always been an issue for men of wealth/high office/distinction. So many straight men have been through it. Why should gays be exempt? The issue is not homophobia or being brought down by the ‘straight’ press- it is your own ma – gay on gay! Why should it be different because he is gay? You want equality, you get it. Accept it.

  7. Nike, I agree with you to some extent, but lets face it, when its a gay personality involved, the media makes a sensation of it. Were it straight, nobody brings up the heterosexual orientation of the person. Why does the media revel in a person’s sexual orientation, let alone villify it? Its a double standard in some ways, the press is definitely homophobic, always was, always will be. British tabloids are the world leaders in yellow journalism and they need to grow up and get a life. What is the obsession with gay people’s lives anyway? Prurient interest perhaps? Or do the straight media people have personal issues about their own sexuality to make them keep obsessing about ours? Homophobia is not just about prejudice, discrimination and bigotry from both religious and nonreligious people, it goes much deeper to the core of the heterosexual who has reservations about his or her own sexual orienation, repression and oppression.

  8. thehoodedclaw 2 May 2007, 3:35pm

    Robert, don’t turn this into a homphobia story, it is about someone lying in court.As for the “gays don’t like gossip” angle, come on. How many Heat, Hello etc magazines in the average gay living room? And are you really saying you didn;t lap up all the juicy details leaked in Paul MacCartney’s divorce papers by the one-legged-wonder?Let’s not be too pious here, us Brits love a bit of hand-behind-the-mouth sniggering. This obviously brilliant man has been brought down by a piece of arse, like many straight men before him. Even the Mail and Sun are not making too much of a big deal about him being gay, it is the Guardianista who are shreiking and trying to find a way to blame George Bush for it.

  9. Truthdowser 2 May 2007, 6:55pm

    HEY!, You can surf the same guys Browne did in 2002(?) on the WaybackMachine here What was Jeff Chevalier’s pseudonym I wonder, “Beau”? (You can find his face pic at the Daily Mail or elsewhere.)Guess I won’t shed any tears over one of the richest CEO’s, but it’s stupid that society makes people furtively seek relief and then punishes them for it. This specific case is clearly about homophobia, (because of society’s double-standards, Browne couldn’t meet someone in the same way a het would,) and any self respecting gay person should be miffed about this. A white lie, as with Clinton’s, forced by society’s hypocritical prudery, should not cause such mega-upset. I’d be sceptical about Browne’s character from the start, but he did go out of his way to speak out in support of our US Employment Non-Discrimination Act, also in 2002, something very important to LGBT people. Stop attacking our own.

  10. Truthdowser 2 May 2007, 8:52pm

    …and, hold on boys… I just found it!Jeff Chevalier isn’t under a pseudonym!, just his real initials. I clicked my way until I landed on “JC” just as “Lord Browne” did, and whoo hoo!Don’t bother clicking on these pics because it will try to download them directly from and content of the originating site has been taken down, probably with Browne’s or associated money? There you go.

  11. Sean, Aberdeen 2 May 2007, 9:03pm

    I have met Lord Browne on several ocassions and found him very pleasant and amusing. I feel sorry for him being treated in this way, as he does not deserve this. He was one of the UK’s top business men and should be applauded for what he has done for BP, and the British economy. I hope he finds a partner who will remain loyal to him.

  12. I’d like to echo the points made by Sean. Lord Browne created a company with a strong commitment to diversity that actively sought to recruit, not just gay people, but women and people from BME groups in order to re-dress the traditiona imbalances within the industry. The company offered equal benefits to same sex couples many years before most firms.The world would be a very different place for us if every captain of industry took the same approach to equality as Lord Browne.There are problably precious few people reading this article, who have ever been subjected to blackmail, and therefore I would think it would be difficult to judge how we would react.I have absolutely no doubt that BP will be a worse place following the departure of Lord Browne, particularly for its gay employees.

  13. Alex Wright (0778 659 3423) 3 May 2007, 1:53pm

    It is so sad when you work so hard to keep your personal and professional life separate and you end up like this. What/How/Where – Lord Browne did in his time away from BP is his own business and this should be respected. A man’s career lies in ruins because of a greedy young lover. So he lied on the stand – give him is community service and lets be done with it. Why all the press intrusion. The funny thing is that if he was dating a 28 year old super model, then there would be no fuss. He would probably be envied the “city” high flyers.

  14. Michael Regan 3 May 2007, 4:38pm

    Lets break this down to one clear and simple fact. If Lord Brown was having an affair with a woman… would any of this even make then frotn page.The Daily mail/mail on sunday are still held on their ultra conserative views of outing someone who did not want his private life made anything off, and to sell their trash rags. Its still a mark of the narrow minded viewpoints of shallow reporters digging through the dirt to sell a paper that still follow the Thatcherite era.

  15. Spanky Hamilton 12 May 2007, 11:36pm

    I worked for BP until 1999 when I was the victim of one of Browne’s numerous staff purges, which we now know led to deaths at Texas City refinery and environmental pollution in Alaska. I write here to say that he started a high profile diversity initiative within BP in the late 1990s, which was a laudable idea that made a good impact. I remember that a high profile “Diversity Vice President” was appointed to a senor position in the company. However, Browne could have made this much more effective if he himself had come out then. Instead he preached from the sidelines without taking proper responsibility. This along with everything else we know now shows the dishonest, devious, and self-serving nature of his personality. Whatever his business successes he is contemptile as a human being.

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