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Outspoken bishop gets more death threats

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Reader comments

  1. elizabeth veldon 2 Apr 2007, 3:16pm

    the catholic church: don’t ya just love it…

  2. Is the man mad? Is he the only person in the Catholic Church who doesn’t know that probably one third of clergy are themselves Gay?

  3. elizabeth veldon 4 Apr 2007, 5:55pm

    a bit of an overreaction don’t you think?A bit of vandalism and you’ve got police protection? But then those Italian Anarchists…

  4. Over-reaction? Yes, and a pretty typical behaviour by the Church and its officials.Puffed up with pride and arrogance, oh, how they love to dish out the hatred and venom at any group they preceive as ‘sinful’ and vulnerable. But faced with any counter-reaction – no matter how insignificant – and suddenly it’s “Oooo! Look! Look everybody! We’re victims! Pity us! Pity us! Look how we poor powerless little Cardinals are being bullied by the evil gays!”Graffiti is a nuisance, certainly, and I’m not condoning any vandalism of property. But a police escort? And wild, exaggerated talk of ‘fears for his personal safety’? What a vain, pathetic, shameful little man!And where’s his faith in the ability of God to protect him? Ha ha ha!

  5. Re your headline “Priests in favour of civil unions accused of being gay”Wouldn’t it be better to use “Priests in favour of civil unions are gay, say opponents”

  6. “…ACCUSED of being gay..”?Are you freakin kidding me with this. Do GAY people and GAY publications still use the patently homophobic phrase?One is ACCUSED of a crime; One is ACCUSED of being an adulteror; One is ACCUSED of being unethical or immoral; One is NOT ACCUSED of being blue eyed, left handed, English or Catholic. Nor should one expect to hear that someone was ACCUSED of being gay outside of an anti-gay, religious fundamentlist group’s propaganda pamphlet.For you to write this headline makes you sound like some of the anti-gay and hyper-religious hateful nuts that see us as shameful.I’m stunned that in 2007 a respected GAY publication would be so clueless.

  7. Father Fiddal Mekids 6 Apr 2007, 4:11pm

    “Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco is being accompanied by an escort ….” Where do they get the money? You’ve only got to look through the back pages in QX to see the price of an escort these days. Its absolutely shocking and you only get an hour (apparently!).I though the priesthood was all sleeping on a wooden plank and beating yourself with a flip-flop, or maybe thats just nun-ing.I wonder if the church gets a discount for group rates or blocking booking …..

  8. Sister Molesta 1 May 2007, 1:09pm

    Once again, the Nazi Pope, all dressed up like a sinister candle, wastes his energy prattling on about homosexuality and ignores all the poverty and war in the world.Sic transit gloria mundi

  9. “Only in the family founded on the stable union of a man and a woman and opened to a natural, orderly procreation, the offspring are born and raised in a community of love and life from which they can expect a civil, moral and religious education.”Quite apart from the content, this is practically illiterate gibberish, isn’t it? How the hell does this stuff from the Vatican get passed for publication – do they not have episcopal proof-readers to give the Pope’s dribblings at least some sort of vague coherence?

  10. Good one Dave.But isn’t it more like all priests in favour are gay, and all priests against are peadophiles.

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