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Welsh Tory candidate in gay row

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Reader comments

  1. Just for the record, he may have said he was against discrimination, but he prefaced this with saying that several faiths believe that homosexuality is a sin, and that he subscribed to one of them. Draw your own conclusion.

  2. Millar the pig 28 Apr 2007, 3:28pm

    I was there and Millar is a right wing homophobe.Do not believe the comments made about him not saying it. He did.He is homophobic and a creationist. David Cameron should sack him now.He works for a right wing christian organisation called Open Doors which tried to convert everyone to christianity. Something must be done, or in 5 days he will be a powerful voice. In our schools, hopsitals and in the Welsh Assembly, preaching his hateful views and disrciminating against all but the chosen few who subscribe to his rightwing christian philosophies.

  3. Read local press coverage for yourself and make your mind up

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