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27 April 2007

  • 27th April 2007

    BBC’s gay programme extended to one hour

    Gay Night is broadcast as part of the Citizen Manchester strand of community programmes on BBC Radio Manchester.

    5:48 PM — The only gay radio show on the BBC is moving timeslots. Gay Night on BBC Radio Manchester will now be broadcast on Mondays - and it will be twice as long.The popular community show, previously called GayTalk, is moving from 6.30pm Wednesday to Monday evenings at 8pm.With the show now an hour long, there will be twice as many features and guests and more music.

  • Gay MEP questions Tory tactics on homophobia

    Mr Cashman represents the West Midlands and is one of only two out gay MEPs.

    5:34 PM — Labour MEP Michael Cashman has strongly condemned the actions of Conservative MEPs who sided with extreme-right political groups in an attempt to suppress a debate on homophobia.On Wednesday the European Parliament voted to send a fact-finding mission to Poland to investigate a new laws that seek to suppress discussion of gay issues in schools.The extreme-right Union for Europe of the Nations (UEN) Group attempted to suppress the debate.

  • Analysis: Gays – football’s last taboo 3

    Well-known footballers should be encouraged to front media campaigns calling on homophobia to be kicked out of football.

    5:15 PM — An article by Portsmouth goalkeeper David James, published in The Observer earlier this month, has re-ignited one of the crucial but rarely asked questions in football: why are there no openly gay players?There were times when reading the article that I laughed out loud at some of his comments.My favourite section reads: "Down the years I could easily have been accused of being gay."

  • Gay bishop plans civil union

    Bishop Robinson lives with his partner of eighteen years, Mark Andrew, a state health care administrator.

    3:21 PM — Gene Robinson has welcomed the introduction of civil unions in the state where he is bishop, and said he hopes to take advantage of his new rights as soon as possible.His election as Bishop of New Hampshire in 2002 made him the first openly gay man to reach such a high position in the Anglican church.His elevation also caused an ongoing row within the church.

  • BBC defends broadcast of gay Mass

    The service was recorded in October and will be broadcast at 8:10am on Sunday on BBC Radio 4.

    3:13 PM — The BBC has defended its decision to broadcast from a church that has been an inspiration to gay, lesbian and transgender Catholics around the world.This Sunday BBC Radio 4's Morning Worship programme will come from the Catholic parish of the Most Holy Redeemer, in San Francisco's gay Castro district.The parish offers a "spiritual home" to all, including LGBT church members and parishioners with HIV/AIDS.

  • Edinburgh gays not reporting hate crimes

    The gay equality organisation are calling on LGBT Scots to use their votes in the elections for the Scottish Parliament next Thursday.

    2:59 PM — A new report has found that the majority of violent homophobic attacks in Edinburgh are not reported to police.The survey by Queen Margaret University found that only 37% of such crimes are brought to the attention of law enforcement.Gay rights groups cited an historic mistrust of police in a community where homosexuality was not decriminalised until 1980.

  • Welsh Tory candidate in gay row 3

    The Tory leader is campaigning in Wales ahead of elections for the 40-member Assembly next Thursday.

    2:41 PM — A Labour candidate for the Welsh Assembly claims his Tory opponent said homosexuality is a sin at a public meeting.Conservative leader David Cameron has defended the party's candidate in Clywd West, Darren Millar, claiming his remarks have been taken out of context.A party spokesman told the BBC that Mr Millar was merely pointing out that religious texts say homosexuality is a sin.

  • Trans sports journalist raises visibility

    Penner has been a staple for the paper for several years and has extensively covered the NFL.

    12:49 PM — Things are definitely changing for the Los Angeles Times as sportswriter Mike Penner wrote his final words this week and revealed a secret that he has been holding inside for his entire life.He will be taking a few weeks vacation and when he returns to his position, his work will be penned under the name Christine Daniels.

  • Polish PM backs “Section 28″ law

    For the first time Mr Kaczynski has spoken in favour of repressive new laws that would affect schools.

    11:58 AM — The Prime Minister of Poland has rejected the European Parliament's censure of his government's homophobia.For the first time Jaroslaw Kaczynski has spoken in favour of repressive new laws that would affect schools.He said that gay people did not face discrimination in Poland, but reiterated his view that homosexuality is bad for society.

  • Gay police will march in uniform at Pride

    Hampshire officers will be marching in uniform in this year's Brighton Pride parade on August 4th.

    11:20 AM — The ban on LGBT police from Hampshire marching in uniform at Brighton Pride has been lifted.The decision relfects a chance of heart by the Chief Constable of Hampshire Police, Paul Kernaghan.He previously banned all of his officers from gay Pride events over concerns that the impartiality of the police might be compromised.

  • Lesbian polygamist on the run 1

    Homosexuality is illegal throughout Nigeria.  photo: zouzouwizman@flickr.com

    10:55 AM — A Nigerian woman has gone into hiding after holding a sumptuous wedding ceremony.Aunty Maiduguri, 45, reportedly married four women at a ceremony in the city of Kano.The multiple marriage was witnessed by 2,000 guests and was followed by two days of feasting.

  • Brian Paddick to leave the Met early

    For all the controversy, Mr Paddick will be remembered for inspiring many other police men and women to be open about their sexuality.

    10:15 AM — The most senior gay police officer in the UK is to retire more than a year early.Brian Paddick, who is currently a Deputy Assistant Commissioner in London's Metropolitan Police, is understood to have asked to be allowed to stand down before the end of his current contract.He is to leave the force at the end of May. He has completed 30 years' service and will be entitled to a full pension.

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