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Gay hate church to picket gun rampage funerals

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  1. Michael Regan 20 Apr 2007, 10:07pm

    Why don’t people take the law into their own hads and shoot these bastards, or burn their houses.But then, doing that would only have them claiming it was the will of god. These sorts of people are as deluded and as messed up as they come, and all need psychological help. If they were mutting the words of god in their own home without cause hurt to others that would be fine, but their actions are an attack emotionally on grieving relatives, and the children they raise who don’t have a clue what the sign ‘god hates fags’ actully means.

  2. I am so sorry for this! I do not believe this is Christ’s will!! I pray somebody takes this and holds it up with Scripture and is able to see that Christ is LOVE. Being a believer in Christ myself, its very difficult to understand how others feel so strongly about pickiting signs like these. Please don’t let these people give you an idea of who God is! I feel I’ve encountered and been transformed by the Jesus of the Bible, and these people do not represent the Christ I’ve met! Seek Him for yourself!! I know He will answer!

  3. WHAT? Who are these people? Jesus Christ said “I have come into the world not to condemn it, but to save it” you certainly are not going to save anyone like this. If that is what a christian is about, I want nothing to do with it.

  4. There needs to be federal and state laws to keep these idoits away from funerals. There is enough grief in this situation without letting these people do this.
    It is time for gay people to rise up and say we are not taking this bullshit anymore. After a few of them get their heads broken open by some pissed off gays maybe they will think we are not such pushovers after all. The time for being passive is passed, time to stick up for ourselves and push back. That is what got us liberation in the first place was STONEWALL!

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