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US lawmakers mock gender reassignment

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  1. Mark Angelo Cummings 19 Apr 2007, 10:21pm

    apparently these baboons know nothing of the condition that strikes millions in our world. A condition that starts at 8 weeks gestation in our mothers womb. They should be ashamed of themselves. Would you make fun of a child with autism or a cleft palot? So why should they make fun of a neurobiological condition that creates incongruency between the physical sex of a person and their gender? I suggest education, and less open mouth insert foot. Bill Black I challange you to a debate and conversation. We walk amongst you and you wouldnt even know it. I am a transsexual man born in a female body, now thanks to modern science I am able to be who I was born to be. Visit my website, enter Mark’s Transition, scroll down to the link area and go to my video accounts. There I have many videos that I have produce to educated those with minimal brain cells, and who allow bigotry to lead their hearts.Mark Angelo Cummings