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Tory MP worried by polygamous gay immigrants

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Reader comments

  1. Attacking gays, immigrants, and Muslims all in one breath AND getting his facts all wrong – in the Conservative party he will go far!!

  2. And even if his complaint wasn’t so chock full of holes why would he support benefits for the wives of polygamous men but not for the partners of polygamous gay men and lesbians.I could understand if he were trying to end the benefits for ALL polygamous people but why does he only “fear” that it will be applied to THE GAYS?What an ass. The Conservatives haven’t changed one iota if you scratch just beneath the Cameron compassion surface.It’s just like the “compassionate conservative” bullshit line that Bush sold to America in 2000. You can clearly see where that went once in he got into office. I can’t imagine that England isn’t facing the same bait and switch tactic with the Tories.

  3. Don’t just love the Tories, LOL.

  4. What an complete and utter idiot! Offered a chance to make a complete dick of himself by the Daily Wail he gleefully seizes it in both hands. An IQ of slightly less than his shoe size I suspect. And you only have to look into that vapid, pink-scrubbed, pinched little face to know that the man is the sworn enemy of all that is kind and decent and good. Compassionate conservatism at its absolute best. Ha ha ha!

  5. We're with Enoch 18 Apr 2007, 7:32pm

    You only have to see a stoney eyed, purple faced Tory to know that you’re about to read “Daily Mail”, “Gay”, “Lesbian”, “Muslim” etc etcThis guy’s done quite well, he’s managed to squeeze them all into a single story. Middle England will love it.The pompous, self-serving arse-hole should get a life.

  6. well i agree with his sentiments except including the “gays” as most gays are NOT polygamious. Muslims, well thats another story.. :

  7. Is it April fool’s day again already?! This is so ridiculous, it doesn’t even warrant a reasoned rebuke.

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