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Comment – It’s all change in France, Turkey and Britain

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  1. Douglas Robertson 23 Apr 2007, 7:38pm

    Sad though it is, I do not think Royal will get in, however much I want her to. Sarkozy led the first round by quite a margin and has the edge on her in several ways – namely that he simply hasn’t made the simple yet memorable errors that she has. France is not yet ready for a Segolene I think, and whilst Sarkozy is hardly desirable – he is moreso than Le Pen! We can’t give up on Segolene yet though, the French public may yet surprise us! My impression however is that whilst French people enjoy the reputation of being particularly open minded and liberal, there are many deep-seated values, with their roots in Catholicism, which cannot be ignored.

  2. Demographically, France may fall to islam within a few generations. At least the Catholic church leaves judgement to God in contrast to islamic clerics who want gays dead in this world.

  3. Phil what is the main point here? The Family Institute is naive and stupid and we are suppose to take it seriously.

  4. first…I want Royal to get in…she wont though…second…the Catholic church’s only reason for not screaming kill gay people at the top of their lungs is that they wouldnt survive the steep drop in church attendance that would follow…islam is a young religion…still developing and such…and thirdly my most important point…the family research institute are horrible people and nothing they ever publish ever has even the icclest bit of science behind it…it’s just their warped view of the world presented as the fact that it isnt

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