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Gay activists focus on stopping the BNP

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Reader comments

  1. Andrew Woodman 20 Apr 2007, 2:18pm

    I write in support of Wales Friends of Searchlight and to explode some of the myths that are being put forward by the BNP:You have probably heard that the British National Party is standing a full slate of candidates in all 5 of the Wales Assembly regional seats. The BNP are a fascist party. The BNP use racism to unfairly blame groups of people for what is wrong in our society. In their little private meetings they still rant about Jews running the world. However, the BNP are trying to be respectable now and in public wouldn’t dare to utter such rubbish, and keep the Nazi regalia out of sightThe BNP’s agenda now is to defend the “British White Race” by accusing Eastern European workers from taking Welsh jobs in Llanelli; telling vulnerable people in Cardiff waiting for social housing that black people have taken them all etc. etc. -ALL OF WHICH ARE COMPLETE AND UTTER LIES.The BNP also has terrorist connections: David Copeland – A former BNP member – who carried out the London nail bombings in Brixton, Brick Lane Soho said “My aim is political. It was to cause a racial war…then all the white people would go and vote BNP”History tells us whenever a fascist party has come to power democracy is destroyed and minorities persecuted. In the Nazi concentration camps during the 2nd World War, it was not just Jews imprisoned there, there were also gypsies, gay men and lesbians, people with learning difficulties, disabled people and trade unionists incarcerated, tortured, gassed, or worked to death. Modern day fascists deny the Holocaust ever happened, but again not in public, they do not want to be seen as extremists.Many of you may be fed up with the usual list of political parties and may be tempted to give this new one a go. Please think again. A fascist party like the BNP is completely different from the others, and must never be allowed to capture even a toehold in Wales. In our past, Trade Unionists have been prepared to put their lives on the line to defeat fascism, we can’t betray their memory and we can’t allow the BNP any victory what so ever.If anyone still doubted the racist, fascist agenda of the BNP you need only to have listened to last weeks Richard Evans BBC Radio Wales Phone In where Nick Griffin, Chairman of the BNP said that Colin Jackson, Danny Gabbidon and Rob Earnshaw could not be Welsh, because they are black. According to Griffin they could play for Wales, yes, but they were not Welsh but British. If you are interested in helping Wales Friends of Searchlight, UNISON and other Trade Unions, political parties and faith groups, frustrate the BNP in their attempt to gain respectability, please contact me at UNISON’S Swansea office.

  2. When are searchlight going to condemn the islamic preachers of hate as loudly as they do the BNP?Al-Qawadi (livingstone’s pal) and the imam of Manchester, both of whom have advocated killing gays?Or those on the Channel 4 Dispatches programme who did likewise?Why, when it comes to islamic fascism, do you go quiet?

  3. I would just like to inform everyone, that ‘Wales Friends of Seachlies’ is a Marxist organisation that interferes in democatic elections and is partly funded by the state lottery, tax payers and BNP competition ie. the Labour party and trade unions. They (WFOS) do not have the courage to actually take part in elections, and instead spread lies and distortion on behalf of the labour, lib dem, conservative coalition with the sole aim to stop the BNP from being democratically elected. They are currently being investigated by the electoral commission for fraudulent/illegal activity durng elections. One of their main ‘men’; is one Gerry Gable, who is a convicted burglar. Would you trust the word of a person like that? The BNP like most political parties is not perfect. However, please take time to read their mainfesto before condeming them (google BNP). Also ask yourself one question? Who would I be beter off being in power? An Islamic government (which on current demographic trends will eventually happen)or a European Christian party such as the BNP.One last comment if I may. Comparing David Copeland is like comparing Denis Nielson, and is totally irrelevant. Denis Nielson was one on the countrys most prolific serial killers and a Socialist Workers party member of the ilk of WFOS. Please use your vote wisely on May 3rd and vote BNP.

  4. Fortunately – as the ballot paper with Labour, Lib Dem, Plaid, Tory and miscellanous others reflects – we have a choice beyond Ady’s “do you want to be oppressed by BNP facists or Islamic facists” line! And so long as the faux-Christian BNP (who’ve never absorbed a word of the message of Jesus) don’t get in we will continue to have that choice.

  5. Nick Paige 4 May 2007, 3:36pm

    I feel sick that they are winning more and more seats and to top it off i now feel SICK to live in my home town of Maidenhead. I’m just proud to be who i am and these people should wake up in life to the real world and stop spreading there hatred!Nick

  6. elizabeth veldon 4 May 2007, 4:12pm

    stop crowing ‘Islamic fachism’ and the like. ‘Who would I be beter off being in power? An Islamic government (which on current demographic trends will eventually happen)or a European Christian party such as the BNP’ I won’t even dignify that with a responce.

  7. I spent all night at an election count and witnessed how these revolting creatures operate. They try to intimidate people by hovering around, silently, writing copious notes on their clipboards (scribble in this case as the BNP candidate is is actually dystexic and can’t write), sitting next to Asian people and being generally “creepy”. Earlier in the day, they had formed gangs at polling stations, wearing black ties and dark glasses.This approach to politics is no better than the Islamic fundamentalism that they claim to be trying to prevent.They made the Tory candidates look normal – and, trust me, that takes some doing in our area!

  8. So what’s the best way to kill a homosexual? Stone them to death or throw them off the highest building in town? Both can be advocated in the name of islam. Maybe we should look to a practical example of how islam treats its gays.Hang them (Iran)? Sling them in prison (most “moderate” islamic countries) or discussions about gay mariage (The West).But no, let’s harang any group in the West who isn’t in favour of gay marriage rather than condemn Islamic countries that persecute gays 1000 times worse.The hypocrisy of the Left is breathtaking.

  9. elizabeth veldon 6 May 2007, 5:26pm

    Luke: are you a BMP plant? But then alot of those who come on this site and defend the indefensable and/ or maake homophobic comments realy seem to have nothing better to do.Please don’t tell me i have no right to critisise the BNP.

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