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Premiership star supports gay footballers

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Reader comments

  1. Note to Mr. James:One is “accused” of commiting a crime. One is “accused” of immorality. One is “accused” of being unethical. One is NOT “accused” of being blue-eyed. One is NOT accused of being Jewish. And one is NOT “accused” of being gay.I was impressed with the overall message of the article but when he started talking about being “accused” of being gay and the damage such an “accusation” could cause “innocent” people and their families, I winced.I was also terribly disappointed with the general tone of the comments that followed.I guess we in America have developed an inaccurate vision of England as a gay utopia. That “accusation” is obviously premature.

  2. I think David James should be applauded for his article. It was honest and I thought he came over as a sincere guy. OK, he didn’t score 10/10 for PC points but then again I doubt I would or anybody for that matter regardless of their sexuality if they’re writing a totally honest piece.Simply because he mentioned the fact that he’s seen gay men in a popular ‘dogging spot’ looking like village people doesn’t mean he’s archaic in his views. He’s reporting his experiences – it happens. Take a walk down Manchester’s canal any night of the week!I think it’s about time that we as gay men got over this persecution complex and allowed some honest dialogue. is it any wonder that well intentioned individuals are scared to open their mouths for fear of causing offence?

  3. Team mates would be reluctant to share communal showers or changing rooms based on the absurd notion that gay men will inevitably be attracted to them. Its not as absurd as you might think. As a woman, I can readily undress before a gay man. No issue because of his sexuality. But I would not undress before any straight man. It juts does not seem proper. Human sexuality can be aroused easily by any stimulus, and this is the reason behind the reluctance. Not to talk of the experience of many straight men in public loos. There is an issue there.

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