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Hate group funeral protests banned

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  1. Michael Regan 13 Apr 2007, 1:06pm

    Why hasn’t anyone arrested that freak Phelps yet? He’s a monster, and his actions endanger children. I saw a program about someone going to america and seeing fred phelps cult family, and one time when someone threw a cub at one of the children holding a sign. These actions endanger those kids and yet they have no idea what their parents are doing, they just go along with it.Phelps is an evil man. Why hasn’t a vigilante group stormed his house and burned it to the ground? That is a sick man who forces his sick views on unmoral youths and aimless zombies. The worst are those in his cult that might have a chance at a normal life but feel they have no choice but to follow him.

  2. I too saw the BBC2 programme and found their activities vile and sickening. I got the impression they were all brainwashed and just trotted out the evil Phelps’s party line.Mind you, they show up many Christians for what they are: homophobes!

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