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Church discriminates against gay people says Archbishop

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  1. darkmoonman 10 Apr 2007, 3:43pm

    These are the sorts of confrontations that happen when one starts a religion, and then it’s adherants insist on confusing the message with the messenger for the sake of convenience. Christians have yet to understand that that the tennants of their religion exist to better each of them individually – they do not exist in order to be used as offensive weapons against those who disagree with the individual’s irrational prejudices.

  2. I believe that the time has come to debate the issue of unelected religious bishops having their place in the House of Lords, discrimination is rife in the religious sections of the population and most bishop’s we have listened to over the last year or so have discriminatory views that have appalled many people. There is no room for political arguments outside the church instead of moving with the modern times, they (the Church) have pursued discriminatory policies that they should not be involved in.

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