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Employers challenged over trans policies

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Reader comments

  1. Joanna Rowland-Stuart 4 Apr 2007, 11:54pm

    There are success stories of trans people transitioning at work, e.g. where I was asked to contribute to that piece in the Independent, but all too often the horror stories outnumber the success stories.Also, 5000 transsexual people is a considerable underestimate, this only accounts for those undergoing treatment on the NHS and does not account for those who have had private treatment or who are living in their new gender role without have received any treatment.CheersJOanna

  2. I have great sympathy with employers. There are so many fake ‘transsexual’ people trying to abuse the system and get compensation or sexual thrill. The only genuine transsexual people are those who have had surgery or intend to have it. Those who CHOOSE not to have surgery are by definition not transsexual and should be considered only as belonging to their birth sex. These fakes are making life very difficult for us genine transsexuals who only want to live our lives as ordinary men and women, not as freaks with special laws rules to protect us.

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