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Analysis: So-called research that disgusts real scientists

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Reader comments

  1. Interesting but you’d need to examine the data VERY carefully indeed.There are possibly many variables at work here. The higher percentage of Gay men who are HIV positive or have AIDS – was there a proportionate number of sufferers in each of the groups? Did they have a control group? Who knows.But as with all research by interest groups, such as the pro and anti smking lobbies, you can always design research that will support your viewpoint so I wouldn’t read too much into this.

  2. It’s the stress caused by brainless, right-wing, religious tossers.

  3. Adam Pogonowski 4 Apr 2007, 1:18pm

    I think his research is probably true – but it (lifespan) is only lowered because of AIDS/HIV and possibly sexually motivated killings. Suicides may be higher too as the stress of coming out/coping with bullying could cause higher death rates.

  4. I have just read an interesting report on Gay dot com which explains how he did his research which by all accounts is totally discredited in the scientific community.He didn’t interview Gays and Lesbians but got his information by trawling through the obitorary columns in newspapers! Very scientific indeed.He is known to be a vile homophobe and quite mad.

  5. Looks like a case of bigots using unethical research to bash a group of people. Just because they are scientists it doesn’t mean they are not stupid. I don’t see researchers on sickle cell anemia trying to tell black people to stop being black or those on low incomes to get some money because they are more likely to have poor health outcomes and shorter lifespans. These researchers should be calling for improvements in gay men’s health, they should be hypothesising and using other research to suggest why gay men in this study might have shorter lifespans, whether that is likely to continue to be the case and what could be done to improve the health of gay men and their longevity. Disgusting

  6. There are many reasons why this research is outrageous. For one thing,since there is no accurate census data available which records the actual number of gays in a country, it is rather ridiculous to attempt to cite any overall numbers. Moreover, the author here is correct that Cameron’s obit studies are grounded in willful ignorance of the process for obituary gathering and publishing in the first place – and he is also apparently just as ignorant of legal restrictions present in the reporting of information on obits for mainstream publications which vary from state to state in the U.S. As a journalist who did an obituary study as part of my M.A. program a dozen years ago, I knew at that level that it was impossible to even attempt a legitimate count – but my study at the time concerned the ways in which significant others were worded (described) in obituaries. What I don’t understand is how he could even get a poster session at the Eastern Psychological Association conference – one would think someone this discredited would have his abstract carefully examined. And I can’t imagine why he would be a reviewer for ANY reputable medical journal – since trashing gays is pretty much his research specialty, why would anyone assign anything for him to look at anyway?

  7. I’ve heard of “Psychological Reports” before, but I forget where. It appears to be a form of Vanity Publishing. You pay to have your articles published in it. For rates, see I vaguely recall reading that they never reject a submission, as long as the payment is right.At any rate, it certainly doesn’t appear to be a credible scientific publication.

  8. Paul Cameron has a long history of anti-gay screeds, constatnly publishes fabricated data, and founded notoriously anti-gay Famiily Research Institute.But what’s ironic about his papers is that this article appears on the same page with an ad for DNA magazine with “STOP! MY *** IS HURTING” splashed across it. You don’t need to stretch your imagination too far to see why people believe Cameron’s trip: it’s reinforced by the very people he attacks.Here’s more info on Cameron and his ilk in the states:

  9. You could use similar mortallity research to prove that all heterosexuals die at birth – if you only focus on the obituaries of stillborn infants.”Heterosexuality is more dangerous than being born!”

  10. It is Paul Cameron who should carry the health warning.Back in 1997 Anne Atkins had her wrists slapped by the Press Complaints Commission for quoting from this very same Paul Cameron piece of quackery. She was using it an article she wrote for The Sun claiming an equal age of consent was dangerous (!!). Paul Cameron’s lies were not new even then.Like Syphilis, Paul Cameron and his nasty little lies have been around for a very long time. To fight them all it takes is a little close scrutiny, because the holes in his arguments are so large you can easily drive a lorry through them. Unfortunately, he is still chasing the limelight for his brand of homophobia with very dusty old lies.

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