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Internet abuse by child triggers police investigation

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Reader comments

  1. I find this quite interesting because I was sent homophobic hate mail actually desguised as a letter bomb, last August, complete with a “suspicious” powder leaking from the brown envelope.Anyway, I contacted the Northants Police who took over 24 hours to visit my house. They took the package away and despite several messages to the Gay Liaison Police Officer for the county have heard nothing since?!I since discovered who sent the message (and pretend letter bomb) which came from someone in Scotland known to me. This information was also passed to the police.Anyway, the obvious heavy handed action here by the police at was actually just a school yard bullying problem pales into insignificance when compared to receiving a disguised letter bomb! The reaction also of two police forces, Northants compared to Cheshire, says much about the seriousness individual forces view such hate crime – and as for Gay Liaison PCs well, in my experience they are a total waste of time!!

  2. Ralph Blair 3 Apr 2007, 9:04pm

    Why don’t we all lighten up a bit?

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