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Cardinal questions loyalty of Catholic church to Britain

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  1. Bishp McWankmeoff 29 Mar 2007, 10:57am

    The questions this tit should really be asking are:1: Why should a lifestyle choice take priority over genetic make-up?2: Why are Catholic Priests still allowed to abuse children and then have their crimes covered up?3: What are the Catholic Church doing to prevent the spread of AIDS and the birth of unwanted children.Then he can start to ask why people are turning their back on religion. He’s lost the plot.

  2. Beyond the sexual orientation issue I can see another big issue for the Church: power. Some centuries ago they had the power to decide what was right and wrong, even imposing their views on the reigning monarchs in Europe. They had the power to burn Galileo as he declared the world was turning around the sun.They lost that ‘physical power’ a long time ago, but still managed to keep a lot of indirect power, i.e. influence (see what is happening in Italy). It is clear that, with this sexual orientation bill, they tried hard but lost their influence.It will be interesting to see how far they will go to try and keep some.

  3. If “diversity and equality are … at odds with religion” as the Cardinal claims, who’s fault is that? It is the religions who have picked this fight, if fight there is. In the red corner are ordinary people who simply want not to be treated as second class citizens. In the blue corner are other people who wish to have their ‘right’ to discriminate, bully and despise on ‘religious’ grounds enshrined in secular, civil law. They picked this fight. And now, to their shock and anger, and for perhaps the first time in history, they are realising that this is a fight they will not win. That society has changed. Hence the increasingly shrill and desperate ratcheting up of the rhetoric. All a bit sad and pathetic really.

  4. There is a great effort on the part of the Vatican to stir up homophobic bigotry across Europe.The impetus is of course coming from Ratzinger – the loathsome Pope Benedict.Ratzinger has a past that the Vatican has tried to bury.He is Bavarian – his parents were fanatic Nazis before during and after the Second World War.Ratzinger and his brother, who also became a priest were raised as childen and into their teens, in the bosom of the Hitler Youth.At the end of the war they both scuttled off to become Catholic priests at a time when the Roman Catholic church was busily engaged in smuggling Nazi war criminals and others being hunted by the Allies ,out of Europe and to South America – a Roman Catholic domain.Mengele and Eichman were most notable among many thousands. Cultivating homophobia comes naturally to the likes of Ratzinger.Of course they will prate that “individuals” must not be victimised but that homosexuals as a group must be rigorously discriminated against.”Evil” – “Endangering the Family”…this is what Ratzinger preaches and it is having its effects.The Roman Catholic church is exerting all the influence it can to stop any legislation – indeed any action – to tackle homophobic bullying in schools – not RC schools – ALL schools.God help any gay youngsters in catholic schools.A further thought as we remember the neo-Nazi regime now in power in Poland is that what is going to be the effect of over half a million Roman Catholic Polish immigrants arriving with their families now in the UK?Are they being directed here?We seem to be turning the clock back 500 years….perhaps the Protestant majority here in the UK needs to be more mindful of the bellicose and raucous interventions of these religious minorities – Jews as well as Catholics.Brown is no friend of the Gay Community either so Stonewall and Ben Summerskill amongst others might find that the Irish Cardinal for the English and the Scots Government for the English will find common ground and the door of No.10 will be shut against gay rights for the future.Kelly will come into her own.There will be no moves to force education authorities and the schools they control to tackle homophoboc bullying in the same way they have tackled racism.Incredibly it is the Constabularies who have progressed the most in protecting gay people from prejudice.Thre is no religious freedom to actively discriminate against others -that is a contradiction in terms.The Catholic Church in Britain has already been fined in an Industrial Tribunal for discrimination in firing its gay Publicity Officer when he came out.The Bishop of Birmingham and O’Connor simply show what a favour Henry VIII did for his country when he kicked the Catholic Church out.They in turn have learnt nothing.Ratzinger is a curse.

  5. The Sexual Orientation Regulations have really rattled the RC church because they know no future Parliament will ever go back to some approved by a free vote, i.e. the supreme free will of Parliament. The latter is sacrosanct.All the best.

  6. So if the pope told you to put your hand in a fire would you? Jesus Christ would not be so discriminatory, religion causes wars and thankfully no one can be burned at the stake for being different from the ‘norm’. Secular laws have taken the power from the religious fanatics such as the pope.

  7. Its at times like this that I think we should start our own ‘Guantanamo Bay’ for sanctimonious, religious fanactics like the good bishop. Possibly Canvey Island would be a suitable location.Don’t me wrong, I’m not anti-religion. I used to love Father Ted, and I thought Sister Act was fantastic the first time I saw it. Although Sister Act 2 over egged the theme a bit admittedly.The point has been made in a previous comment about the effect of young people, particularly kids in the care (and I use that term loosely) of these Catholic adoption agencies. A number of whom are probably getting served pork sword for breakfast, dinner and tea by the local priest.It will be a cold day in hell before I give two shits what the good Bishop thinks about my lifestyle. However it does concern me the effect his insipid, bigoted rants have on others more ‘vulnerable’ that I.Religion above state is a receipe for anarchy and if such an ideology is allowed to grow it will distroy this country and many others.

  8. I was stunned to learn his two older brothers are also RC priests. What sort of father would allow his three sons to become celibate priests. I have never heard the likes. One Murphy-O’Connor is too much!

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