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Scottish Christian Party face fines for illegal posters

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Reader comments

  1. Yet another homophobe hiding behind a dog collar. When will people wake up to the fact that the Church has been hijacked by a nasty, homophobic element much the same as Islam has been by mad murderers hiding behind that religion’s banner.

  2. elizabeth veldon 29 Mar 2007, 4:31pm

    ha f*cking ha.I and my Partner went out on Saturday and saw these advertisments. We took pictures of them to post on blogs and send to news papers and then riped down all the ones we could find.

  3. an on an on 30 Mar 2007, 12:41pm

    Two very eloquent comments, are these the voices of democracy, probably not. More a disgrace to the gay community with their thoughtless actions, everyone has the legal right to canvas.

  4. elizabeth veldon 30 Mar 2007, 3:22pm

    in reply to an on and on:Surely the right to protest is also part of Democracy.

  5. Shows how petty minded and militant gays can be when they can’t hack it – WE RIPPED THEM DOWN – very tolerant NOT! It’s OK when it goes your way but not OK when it goes the way of the majority of this once great country.

  6. Michael Regan 14 Apr 2007, 2:23am

    This is what you would expect from the church, for years damming homosexuals are being perverse and sinful, and when we finally have new laws pushed forward to protect us in the face of these claims, the church trys to convince people that suddenly WE’RE the bigots!!??Its either laugh out loud satire or the last attempts by the church to cling to their 18th century views a little longer.

  7. elizabeth veldon 14 Apr 2007, 4:41pm

    to Joe:do you not have anything better to do than hang out on Queer Websites? Are you hoping to pick someone up? You’d be better on Gaydar.I love this party: they’re ramplently homophobic, engage in personal atacks against sitting MSPs and are paranoid to boot!It’s got to be a joke

  8. There’s only one person in this story whipping up hatred of Christians, and that’s George Hargreaves.

  9. I’ve seen so many gay websites– albeit “gently”– bashing Mika and other artists for not “coming out.”When it comes to his career– and to his MUSIC, no less– his sexuality should not come into consideration. One defense so-called forward-thinkers and analysts have is that Mika’s decision to leave sexuality out of the discussion is a wise career move, particularly in the US, because it would not be well-recieved.I think the most important point is that his– and everyone else’s– abilities need to be appreciated solely for what they are. to like Mika because of his percieved sexuality– and not for his vocal and composition talent– is INCREDIBLY insulting.What pisses me off is that so many gay websites think that– and this is assuming that Mika is homosexual– Mika has made the choice to ‘stay in the closet” because he feels that he’d be blasted by the media and that his record sales would feel the impact. I think I can safely speak for this respectable artist when I say that sexuality is in NO WAY of any importance– neither to life, nor, especially, to his or anyone else’s musical career.He very well may be gay, but if I were him (and I have, in fact, employed this same doctrine in my own personal life), I would do just as he has chosen to do. I would not want to spark people’s interest because of my sexuality. It is an animalistic thing, it is banal and so incredible, indescribably unimportant– because EVERYBODY has or is capable of having sex, because sex is such a common thing. Only the most petty and idiotic and small-minded of people would fixate on such a subject. to appreciate someone for their sexuality is the same thing as appreciating them for other genetic things which they have no control over– such as hair color, or height, or color of the skin.To justify someone’s value towards the rest of the world based upon his or her sexuality goes hand-in-hand with denouncing a person’s humanity because of the color of their skin. It is discrimination, and it is disgusting.He is a beautiful artist with an amazing vocal range, a commanding stage presence and– yes, it can’t be ignored– he’s got a pretty face.But please respect his right to artistry.End of discussion.

  10. My overall point is that Mika– from ewverything I’ve read in his interviews– doesn’t see the question of sexuality as an issue. It sounds to me like he is very comfortable with himself and confident of his carreer, and that– to him– sexuality is an entirely unimportant part of life.It should in no way define your passions, your thoughts, your self as a whole. It is a small part of yourself. People make way too big a deal about it.

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