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Polish official wants to ban gays from range of jobs

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Reader comments

  1. madeinpoland 14 Mar 2007, 9:16pm

    90% of young Poles is ashamed of Giertych’s actions and really hates his guts. Ask any student, any pupil. Giertych is an embarrassment to us all and we want him out.

  2. The only way to stop this would appear to be action by the EU. Write to your MEP in protest.

  3. Either the survey is nonsense and the poles should stand up against these people in their government or else the EU should’ve evaluated poland much closer before EU accession…What’s happening in Poland is bad, really.

  4. churchwatcher 29 Mar 2007, 8:06am

    Just as we are finally ridding ourselves of homophobic discrimination in this country it seems it has to be done all over again in Poland and Latvia. These countries are reinventing the homophobic flat tyre that we had to repair post Thatcher. They need some firm tuition from the rest of the EU that it is simply not on to reintroduce Section 28 type stuff. Perhaps Stonewall could help the burgeoning gay movement there to organise some high profile appeals to the European Court which will cost the governments a lot of money if they are successful. Maybe a ‘Fight Polish Latvian Homophobia’ fund should be set up with collection boxes for small change in gay bars in major cities throughout the rest of Europe. The adverse publicity alone might make the Polish Latvian governments think again.

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