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Conservative Rabbi school allows gay admission

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  1. i think that this is great. Jewish law has always allowed room to help people no matter what and i think that this is a way of reflecting it. I fully support it.

  2. Rabbi Mark Solomon 28 Mar 2007, 10:07am

    The statement “The Conservative branch of Judaism is the most popular denomination in America” is factually incorrect (taking popular here to mean numerous). It was true about 30 years ago, but in recent decades the Reform movement has overtaken the Conservative movement to become the largest branch of US Jewry. This trend seems unlikely to be reversed in the near future.The Reform movement has embraced both the ordination of GLBT rabis and the blessing – in effect the marriage – of same-sex couples. The Conservative movement’s decisions in this regard have been far more mealy-mouthed. Blessings are now permitted but not in the form of marriage, and the identity of bisexuals is completely denied even by the most liberal of the contradictory opinions recently accepted by the movement.

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