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Rosie’s gay family cruise faces Christian protest

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Reader comments

  1. I can assure you that the vast majority of Bermudians are not homophobic at all… and the passengers on Rosie’s cruise will be warmly welcomed here in our typical, world-renound, friendly manner. It’s just that the so-called “Christian” homophobic folks here make the most noise….

  2. I am amazed when starman and The Premier, Dr. Ewart Brown, say that all are welcomed to our shores. What the world should know is that Dr. Brown, when faced with the decision to include protection based on sexual orientation in our Human Rights Code, decided that it was not necessary. He refused to vote on it. BERMUDA HAS A TRACK RECORD OF NOT PROTECTING THE RIGHTS OF ITS OWN CITIZENS…DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT THEY WILL PROTECT THOSE OF A GAY/LESBIAN VISITOR.

  3. I just want everyone to know that not all Bermudians are as ignorant and close-minded as these so-called ‘Christians’ who have reacted against this cruise. I find this homophobia incredibly appalling and totally embarrassing. But not everyone on this island is that backward.

  4. questioning 24 Apr 2007, 5:00pm

    Christians will not agree with homosexuality. It goes against the word of God, that is why God created a man and woman. It can not be changed. God’s word stands alone and will make people uncomfortable. Tolerance is not acceptable but love is. “the greatest of these is LOVE”. Love should be shown through a Christians life. Disagreeing with someone does not mean that degrading them and making them feel worthless it ok.

  5. Thank you Chris! VERY well said. Good point too. The hypocrisy here is overwhelming. I feel unsafe living here at times and I think it was a good decision made by the people in charge of the cruise.

  6. I am married to a Bermudian. I am Canadian and first of all Dr. Brown you say the Government has done all it can??? Are you joking? When the Government does all it can it would address this issue and add it to the human rights that currently say nothing about protecting those of us who have differing sexual orientation. This includes your visitors AS WELL AS YOUR CITIZENS! You are a Doctor for God Sakes. Don’t play the “We have done all we can card” its bullshit – pass a law that protects law abiding people both tourists as well as citizens of your country. Once you do that – then you can safely say you have done all you can. The future will get more tricky as you turn your head to this issue. People are becoming less tollerant of this type of biggitry. This also includes the mothers, sisters, fathers, friends, of all of the gay people you openly discriminate against. What a joke you say you have done all you can. I have been in Bermuda and been assaulted physically – it is not a rosie painted place that Dr. Brown would like to paint for you. Bermuda is a hate filled Island for gay people. To start the recovery – change the laws already….Thanks for your time,

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