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Activists and politicians welcome Lords pro-gay vote

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Reader comments

  1. Michael Regan 22 Mar 2007, 12:03pm

    They lost!!! YES!! A mark for dignity towards gay and human rights! This is a wonderful day, as it shows all attempts by the church to condeem gay rights has finally back fired on them.Also, the video on youtube is no longer there, which it says has been removed by user (probably forced to by the amount of times it was flagged, also this victory for us).This is indeed a very good day!

  2. Indeed great news the law has been passed. Two things to note out of all of this.1. The religious people who chose to protest against this equality legislation have shown the rest of us in society their true extremist beliefs, quite prepared to openly lie and stoop to disgusting depths of hate mongering. 2. The Tories have shown that they have not really changed from the ‘Nasty Party’ of the 80s and 90s. The majority of them voted against this equality legislation. The Tories will now not be getting my vote at the next election.

  3. This is a brilliant result tainted only by the disgusting voting behaviour of the Tory MPs and those unelected bastions of democracy in the House of Lords, The Anglican Bishops! If ever there were a reason to weed out these zelots then we frankly have it – Homophobic bigots to a man!!Now, the Christian Right will have to single out a new victim to harass. May I sugest that as “glutony” is a sin, and clearly defined as so in the Bible, that they target their next campain at men with fat wives with a body mass index of, say, 35 plus!This should keep them going for a while and as it’s clearly sinful to be a gluttonous pig then something should clearly be done about it!

  4. This is indeed great news, being a 66yr old Gay man in a long term relationship of 23 yrs, it was indeed wonderful in December 2005 to tie the knot and look forward to the Equality Bill. Yes, we were turned away at hotels in Oxford, Great Yarmouth, Bath, besides other minor infringements of hate, but no more. I never expected in my lifetime to see so much lawful change and my thanks go to those members of our Community who have stuck their necks out for what is right. In regard to the Bigots of the church they have shown how underhanded and hatefullnes toward their fellow Man for all to see and no, I will not be voting Conservative at the next election.

  5. Jennifer Hynes 23 Mar 2007, 9:38am

    It is very good news indeed. But I can’t help feeling a twinge of sadness. What about trans people? What happened to LGB and T? They may still be refused service and goods, because of their gender distinction, as they have in the past, gleefully reported in the media. It’s a half-cocked law, as most Labour ones are. Table scraps. I’m extremely disappointed that the law covers ONLY gay people, and not trans people. As a lesbian, I can now feel slightly smug, though slightly concnered about what this might mean for the gay social scene, but as a simple human being, I feel let down once again by lawmakers. Equality must mean equality, no exceptions.

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