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Gay rights more important than Christian ones, claims bishop

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  1. And precisely WHO elected these ancient old fossils to the House of Lords to pontificate and decide what does and doesn’t become law? Nobody of course.If EVER there were a reason for a 100% elected Upper House then this bunch of homophobic biggots have just given us that reason. I care not what they say, they were not elected by anyone!

  2. The silly old twit hasn’t realised that religion is a lifestyle choice and sexuality isn’t optional.The so called “Christians” who intend to hold a “mock funeral” should take a close look at themselves. Not only are they bullying people because of the way they were born, but they are also mocking the bereaved.

  3. Of course the rights of Lesbians and Gay Men to not be discriminated against should trump the rights of the religious to disriminate. Gay men and lesbians have something to lose (access to services, jobs etc). The religious would only lose the right to deny services to gay men and Lesbians, they can carry on believing whatever religious nonsense they like. They are two different things. I don’t see gay men and Lesbians lobbying against inclusion of religions in the equality bill (which becomes law on the same day). I also don’t see religous orgnisations protesting at the lack of consultation or debate on including religion in the equality act. Besides people do not choose their sexual orientation and they should have every right to happiness and to love and to the expression of their sexual desire as long as it is consensual. Religious belief however depends on interpretation, no two people believe exactly the same thing. Belief is the key word, I might believe all homosexuals should be killed and consider it a strong religious conviction, but it would be ridiculous to suggest that my right to express that belief by murdering homosexuals should be equal or trump their right to life. The law currently limits religious expression in lots of ways (eg it bans polygamous marriage). The argument that the law should not interfere with religious conscience is ridiculous. It is important that we are protected from discrimination and exemption is not given to the very groups who would be most likely to discriminate against us and who are most vocal in denigrating us. Lets hope the Lords vote for this.

  4. what I find so hard to believe is that if you dont agree with the christian movement, as I do not, it does not effect them in any way . They go about their business and my, mine. But if they had thier way , the regulations and the hate that they want to speak about. Interfers, with my life, my relationship, future choices. My safety and my piece of mind. That is why as a born gay man, of course my rights and protection should come first before an informed choice of relgion. You can not be born any faith, you are taught and choose.

  5. P.Brownsey@philosophy.arts.gla 21 Mar 2007, 3:09pm

    Your headline here is misleading. It is not that the bishop thinks gay rights are more important. He doesn’t! Rather, he complaining about the fact that *other people regard them as* more important.

  6. What an excuse for a man. Old sweetie wife more like.All the best.

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