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Cardinal accuses Blair of abuse

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  1. Evadne Slapper 20 Mar 2007, 1:58pm

    Shame he’s not showing the same level of concern over the “abuse” of children by Catholic priests.

  2. Why isn’t he complaining about the Popes’ demand that MPs who are Catholic vote with Catholic policy regardless of the views of their constituents. This man doesn’t give a dam about democracy or procedure he is interested in the political power he can gain and pushing his own bigoted and intellectuallty dishonest beliefs. I dare say he would be perfectly happy with a Catholic theocracy. Does anyone think he would be complaining about procedure if the vote went the other way. The regulations have been delayed enough because of the mean spirited submissions that he and others like him have made against equality legislation for gay men and Lesbians. We should have nothing but contempt for these religious leaders accepting protection for their own beliefs and wishing to deny protection and services for needy gay men and lesbians. If they get an exemption needy gay men and lesbians will lose out on social, educational and welfare services that are increasingly jointly provided through state funding or sponsorship,charitable status and religious institutions. If we are granted equality in law then religious people will be able to hold whatever view they want but will be forced to provide their services equally and with a bit of grace, they will lose nothing but the ability to treat us badly. We have everything to gain and much to lose. They only lose the right to refuse to serve us . I am amazed at how shameless and cruel the representatives from the Anglican and Catholic churches have been they should be extremely ashamed. treating us badly is obviously more important than the stuff about doing unto others , good samaritan parables or loving your neighbour.

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