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Tories attempt to delay Sexual Orientation Regulations

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Reader comments

  1. Craig (Editor) 17 Mar 2007, 6:54pm

    I asked the Leader of the Tory Party why he was not on the Early Day Motions list and he said he would not sign the Early Day Motion unless it was proposed by a Tory MP!Currently there are 23 MP’s (16 Labour and 7 Lib Dems) on the list and NO Tory MP’s.People say the Tory Party has changed and is more excepting of the LGBT Community! I say they are deluding themselves!

  2. Adrian Philips 19 Mar 2007, 2:46pm

    If the actions as displayed at the Committee session are the depicting of what the tory party stands for, then in my opinion the tory party should be opposing religious freedom and equality as much as they do homosexual freedom and equality!When homosexual equality and the rulings as set out are discriminating (according to the tory party at least) then they, the members of the tory party, should also accuse the religious terrorists and extremists of the same, when they exclude homosoexual people from civil rights, like marriage!I call for a revoke of titles of those who denie others the right to equllity!

  3. Barry Atkinson 19 Mar 2007, 4:40pm

    After introducing some great pieces of legislation in favour of gay people, some of the other “New Labour” policies have been naieve at least and downright stupid at best.Just as I was seriously considering becoming a pink Conservative, after supporting the present government for a number of years, something like this happens.Have the old guard no sense?Cameron is trying his best to show a “new Conservatism”; why don’t these old stagers go and lick their wounds and have a re-think; if it means retiring, all well and good. Were they to be more positive and genunine in accepting all aspects of human sexuality in all its forms then they could certainly attract many new “pink” voters.And where is the support from the numerous clossetted Conservatives?Come on, now, we’re in the 21st Century and times are not just changing, they have changed!

  4. elizabeth veldon 19 Mar 2007, 6:39pm

    what a suprise!Meet the old boss, same as the new boss.

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