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Pope instructs politicians to vote against gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Gino Meriano 13 Mar 2007, 3:24pm

    It is a shame to see this happening, we seem to be heading backwards rather than forward in society. With Italys neighbour Spain offering gay marraige, its time for the vatican to stop interferring with politics. A new age and a new way, leave religion as it is but the decisions on law to the governmentover 10,000 signatures have been sent to number10 seeking the resignation of Ruth Kelly, so far

  2. The pope should better inquire about what is happening inside of the Roman Catholic Church. Homosexual priests are not just a fairy tale. I think there is enough work to be done on that level.

  3. Richard Arellano 13 Mar 2007, 9:56pm

    The Catholic church with this Pope isgoing back to the Dark Ages. People ofa different sexual orientation should beacknowledged and treated like all of theother human beings of the world whomay be perceived as DIFFERENT. Gays and Lesbians are born as what they are,loving, caring, seeking to be happy, people. For any church to discriminate against gays is unchristian.Whatever happened to “Love thy neighbor as thy self” ?Richard San Diego, Ca

  4. Brought up in 1950s Edinburgh, all the graffiti said the same thing, i.e. “**** the Pope”. It was everywhere. Of course, you don’t see much today, but I believe the sentiments remain the same. And it has nothing to do with LGT matters.All the best.

  5. Father Pokeme 14 Mar 2007, 11:53am

    The old Nazi’s looking a bit yellow in that photo – let’s hope it’s jaundice.

  6. evan bailey 5 Nov 2008, 1:58pm

    im doing a report about how me and my group are against gay marriage and i need to know some facts!

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